I want to be a billionaire

The title is very much a ‘talk of the town’, when it comes to entrepreneurship, especially in the surrounding where each one of us struggles to leave a mark behind. According to a popular assumption, Entrepreneurship means money, status, fashion, respect and so on, all but in the shortest possible route and quickest possible time.

Though the above reasons of money, status, fashion, respect, etc hold undoubtedly true with entrepreneurship, there are things beyond. People today, especially the youth are lured into this, without getting deep into the subject, that there is ‘also’ struggle, dejection, financial dependency, frustration, worst times, family disintegration, social disconnect, and lots more before they actually see the so-called ‘bright day’ of entrepreneurship.

As better experienced than explained, lessons that are self-learnt are better learnt. I have termed them as bitterly-sweet experiences of entrepreneurship and have tried to enumerate them.

  • The start is generally an event of vigour and vitality, air around filled with best wishes and words of appreciation flowing from all directions, road map sketched clearly and you are  fully geared up to shield any challenges. Not ready to compromise on anything less than a ‘billionaire’.
  • Success stories and inspiring articles form an important part of your routine study materials.
  • Talking about your venture and convincing self on the credibility of your idea is a daily/hourly challenge that you face. End of the day you are satisfied that your idea is ‘unique’.
  • Facing day to day criticism and losing trust of the ‘most’ trusted ones, becomes a daunting task.
  • Getting a financial check clearance from a financial institution results in an increased heart beat rate during the process, as documentation process for the same is never complete for a start-up entrepreneur.
  • You like to have a ‘corporate office’ followed by ‘multiple’ branches of the same, however lose focus on building the heart and soul, i.e. your primary business idea.
  • You start losing your “most eligible bachelor tag”(in case you are one), because the party of the other part undermines you and feels insecure with you, since you don’t possess any proper identification.
  • Worst is the condition if you are with your spouse and child/children. You have to do a trade-off at times between them and your start-up. They sacrifice a lot for you and you in return always give them bigger hopes, not ‘cash’.
  • You even contemplate to give up your entrepreneurial journey during worst periods (some even take that extreme step), and opt for a safer option (like a job).
  • You even doubt on your own capabilities at times and curse the Almighty for have gifted you such a meaningless life (though you have voluntarily chosen ‘this’ path)
  • Your surroundings try to motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, or may be even try to demotivate you, discourage you, frustrate you and distract you from your goal. However, it is your decision that is always the final and it is you who has the last laugh.

Though not many are successful end of the day due to lot of immeasurable factors, the entrepreneurial bug keeps on biting each one of us now and then, thinking that at least let me be a millionaire, if not a billionaire.

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