You decide to create a website with text, images, videos and other content. However, it will be available to people for viewing only if it is present over the internet. For locating your website over the internet, you have to upload it to a computer called web server. And to upload the website you need to buy space on the server.

This is where web-hosting comes into picture. A web hosting company lets you buy that space and allows you to store your software and webpage. It also provides you with necessary tools, bandwidth, security and support as required. Now, your website is available to anyone who types your web address.

Keeping in view, the need of customized web hosting and support services in India, Mr Betrand Yella along with his team of 35 brings to you IBEE Hosting.

IBEE Hosting

IBEE supports aspiring SMBs and startups in India by providing a customizable platform to strengthen the IT operations. Under the guidance of Mr Yella, team IBEE stands with a vision of providing fast, affordable and extraordinary support to the customers in India.

Alongside providing the infrastructure, IBEE also imparts application level support and consultation. IBEE Hosting has XBT holdings as its parent company and is currently funded by the same. IBEE Hosting got accredited with ISO 27001:2013 for preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets in the most secure way.

After Mr Yella was appointed the director of IBEE Hosting, the company reached new heights as it underwent several entrepreneurial ventures.

On popping up the question of services offered by IBEE, it is discovered that it offers enterprise level dedicated hosting services, virtual private servers, content delivery network (CDN), colocation services, domain registration, 24/7 proactive support services. What sets IBEE apart is that it helps clients to scale up the traffic and increase their revenue by focusing on their core competencies.

It also helps them in their coding instances and offer personalized services in terms of consultation and auto scalable architecture to accommodate the dynamic needs in their business hours. IBEE had a long roller coaster ride in the market before emerging as a strong customer base across India. . Initially, IBEE faced the issues in the technical fields of Data center operations, delivering the uninterrupted services to its clients through customer support. The need to fix the systems and procedures in the place pushed the team always to strive and thrive through these difficulties and excel with the flying colours.

Today, IBEE has Andhra Jyothy, The Sandesh Digital Private Limited, Apollo Hospitals, SVG Media, ShopPirate Coupons, GrockerKart, Rummy People and many more as few of its major clients. IBEE cater on providing quality support services that acts as an earning galore for the team. It also has its own major operational revenue channels through adverse marketing and strong referral and affiliate networks.

IBEE Hosting has built a strong base of 200+ customers across India in various sectors like Web Design & Development, Media and Entertainment, Software Development, ERP, E-Commerce, System Integrators, Gaming and much more. IBEE had already touched a major milestone of 300+ live servers. It is an endeavour for team IBEE to learn and deliver the uninterrupted service that helps customers focus on their core competencies. In this dynamic ever changing consumer behaviour IBEE Hosting is always backed with its offering of accommodating and providing a solution based approach to its clients.

We wish IBEE Hosting a great grand slam!

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