Startups Banned From IIT

In a meeting held at IIT Kanpur, the All-IIT Placement Committee (AIPC) have decided to ban about 20 startups and e-commerce companies from 2017 placement season for revoking and altering the offers made to graduating students last year. Apart from this, a warning will be issued to companies that deferred joining dates, changed job profiles or altered salary terms.

E-commerce Company Flipkart will get a warning letter for deferring the date of joining for its IIT hires last year.

“Flipkart does not figure in the list of startups that would face a blanket ban as it did not completely withdraw the offers,“ said All-IIT Placement Committee (AIPC) convenor Kaustubha Mohanty, who added that a ban on Zomato would remain in place for the second year.

The IITs will draw up the list in about two weeks, as decided at the AIPC meeting on Saturday. “We do not want this to be repeated this year,“ said a faculty member.

Mr. Mohanty declined to give details on the companies likely to be on the blacklist. “IITs are unanimous that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated,“ he said. Twelve IITs were present at the AIPC meeting at IIT Kanpur to discuss placements for 2017. Of the big ones, IIT Bombay didn’t attend, he added.

The meeting decided that the startups would be grouped into three -those that deferred placements, those that cut pay or changed job profiles and those that withdrew offers. The warning letters will go to the companies on the first two lists while those on the third would be barred.

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