Festival sales are over and online shopping has experienced remarkable growth during this festival season. Since the online shopping craze had taken over people, we witnessed the market rocket upwards towards the sky. And needless to say, the market outdid itself this festive season. The biggies like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, hadn’t left any stone unturned to entice the customers. There was a remarkable rate of 40% growth in the e-commerce market this year.

The survey was done by Shop Pirate Coupons and the data found was striking, starting with the Electronics, which took up most of the space. Another interesting fact is that 54% of all this online shopping is done through the mobile apps. While fashion did contribute a significant fair share in the boom of this online market, gift cards went viral too, as most of the online stores provided exclusive and customized gift cards for their users.

Shop Pirate Coupons has come-up with an interesting infographic, that are based on such interesting facts from the survey.


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