Ordering food online is the new trend. No wonder the online food business is booming in India. Hundreds of new food start-ups are venturing into this field, almost every other day. Whether they are able to win against the onslaught of break-neck competition is another story altogether. But, this cannot be denied that today ordering food has become a phenomenal experience, thanks to all the technological advancements.

Indian Food Startups

And the most interesting feature of all these start-ups is that they make it a point to offer a unique experience to all their customers. Be it the services; the discounts in collaboration with couponing sites like Happy Sale; the food quality, thanks to the chefs; or the choice of food, every other factor is geared towards making the consumers feel pampered.

Being off-beat

Being off-beat is the order of the day. There are quite a few establishments that have re-hashed the entire concept of having food, be it in the comfort of your home, in the office or anywhere.

Rejoov Cold Pressery –

Juice your way to health with Rejoov, a Bangalore based cold pressery. It was founded by Anu Berry, Anju Sood and Angie Mahtaney. They follow the cold press procedure to extract juice from vegetables, fruits, and seeds. And why so? Because, cold pressure is believed to help in retaining all the goodness of the fruits and vegetables – live enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. All of those unhealthy sugar loaded juices which are readily available in the market does more damage to your health than is imaginable.

Snackexperts –

Snacks equal to junk food and the word junk in itself describes how bad it can be for health. But it’s good that Indian’s have started realising the importance of cutting down on junk food. And that is where Snackexperts come in. This Chennai based startup, launched by Arun Prakash, Mary Shamla and Arul Murugan, in August 2014 focuses on providing consumers healthy dry snacks.

Previously their idea was to offer roasted lentils, various kinds of fruit salads and fresh fruit platters. However, managing perishable food would have been tough, so they went on to cook up some healthy and yet tasty snacks. Some of their offerings are Barnyard crispies, Spicy seeds mix, Chocolate Flapjack, Oats and Nuts LadooPineapple Guava Falooda, Figgy Chips and Nuts, Honey Roasted Cashew and much more.

Feazt –

As Feazt believes and actually stands true too, ‘Food is the universal social lubricant’. Founded in 2014 and Headquartered at Hyderabad, Feazt aims to help people explore cuisines of other cultures. Well, this must be reminding you of all other food aggregators or online food joints that offer food of different cuisines, right? But this one is different. Feazt, which literally translates to feast is a great way of feasting together with new faces. It is a great platform for all the food lovers and for all of those who love cooking. So, people not only get to have great food but also get to build new relations over food!

Goila Butterchicken –

We know that Mother Earth revolves around only one axis. But, a food business going around only one basic dish? Well, Goila Butterchicken is all about that inexplicable love for butter chicken, minus the guilt.

Founded by Saransh Goila, Goila Butterchicken delivers the ‘not-so-rich butter chicken’ based food to homes in Mumbai and Andheri. This start-up offers only home delivery services, and the offerings are kulchas, butter chicken rolls, butter chicken, chicken rezala, mattar-paneer-mango (quite an experiment! Would love to try), Gongurapork and more. It is looking to expand the services to Kolkata and Bengaluru soon.

Tandurust –

Tandurust is yet another startup that was founded with the aim to help people with various medical conditions and the fitness freaks with healthy meals. The meals prepared here are cooked keeping in mind the nutrition factor and calorie count. And all healthy ingredients are put together to make a plate full of healthy food. However, healthy food need not necessarily be boring. Tandurust makes it a point to change the menu on a daily basis to make things interesting. It was founded in 2010, by Sudhanshu Sharma and Pushpesh Dutt, and based out of Bangalore; it is still going strong.

BombayLocal –

BombayLocal is a truly innovative startup in the food industry. Insia Lacewalla, being passionate about food founded this company along with Paresh Chhabria. And what is so special about this startup is that it’s not an everyday food store, but a food festival that helps home cooks, local food makers, and baking artisans display their work of art. Cooking is, in fact, an art, and that is the reason this Mumbai-based company has been backing small food producers offering artisan cheese, high-quality chocolates and baked goods and more. With time, lots of big names started flowing in for them.

So, this is my take on some of the best food start-ups that have been making a buzz around the town. I know there are lots of others there in the market. You all can share if you know of any. Your valuable comments are welcome as well.

This post is written by our Guest Author, Sree Reddy. Sree has been working as a content strategist at HappySale.

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