“If opportunity does not knock, build a door”

– Milton Berle

There are people who wait for an opportunity to strike, and then there are people who turn a situation into an opportunity. Infinite Health Studios Private Limited laid its foundation with the same concept; to build a door of Comprehensive Healthcare to the world. The word Comprehensive Healthcare might not be rightly understood by many because the term healthcare leads a common visualization of Hospital, Patients, Surgery, or popping pills. But, there lies a difference here, a Comprehensive Healthcare program focuses on non-medicinal and non- equipment based approach that aids in preventing a disease or its outcome by diminishing the risk factors or providing palliative care to diseased people. While health for many is limited to physique and appearance, the standard definition of Health by WHO is: “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”, and this has not changed since 1948!

Infinite Health Studios provides various healthcare services like- Yoga, Mediation, Diet & Nutrition, Ergonomics, Corporate Wellness programs, Kids Health programs and many more applicable to each strata and every age group of the society. Such services are required more than ever by our country which is becoming a prey to deadly diseases. The statistics we can never be proud of claim that India is the Diabetic capital of the world; we are ranked number 2 in cardiovascular (heart) diseases and number 3 in Obesity. All this when India is the youngest country in the world with a mean age of 29, thereby creating a need of an integrated approach that not only improves health but over all sense of well-being.  Most traditional healthcare providers have focused on delivering ‘sick care’ after the onset of disease. This has resulted in the care delivery being episodic and restricted to acute exacerbations of the condition. IHS is focusing more on the preventive healthcare to prevent the outcome of a disease or reduce its risk factors completely through Lifestyle Modification.

The company was started in 2013 with a small Yoga studio of about 800 sq. feet in Rajindra Nagar, New Delhi. Today IHS has marked its presence PAN –India through various workshops and awareness campaigns. It is running personalized training@doorstep in 10 different cities viz. – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhopal, Agra and Kanpur. They also have been delivering employee wellness programs to various organizations.

A journey worth this while required a vision by Mr. Rohit Dhingra, the founder of IHS.  Being a full time corporate employee, he had worked with many big names like – Kingfisher, Genpact, Griantech to name a few. All this instilled the very basics of business within him as he always had nurtured an entrepreneurial drive within himself. But these 8.5 years of corporate experience came with a cost- the cost of losing health and peace of mind. One day, after being fed up of falling sick again and again, daily gambling with sleep and noticing the lifestyles of other people around him- he realized that people are being converted to mere mechanical devices who are bound to their chair the entire day with their health diminishing each passing day.

The realization was such that it led him to read health related books to explore how he can gain what he had lost all these years. Mentioning one such book, by renowned Yoga Trainer, B.K.S Iyengar, he noticed how people perform wrongly even the basic fundament of our existence- breathing. He realized that Yoga has been taught wrongly by so called self-proclaimed Yoga gurus when it is much beyond the concept of physical postures. He decided to join Yoga training as an investment in his health but only in vain as he could not locate any Yoga center nearby to his place. Yoga was a fairly new concept back then, in 2012. Nevertheless, he could locate a center about 7 kms from his place and started his practice like a diligent student every morning for 1 hour. In his words: “those 60 minutes were like the most important for me in a day practicing which made me realize how much I had lost and how much these twisting and turnings are shaping up my mind, my body and soul.”

Any new journey becomes easy with the right guidance and that is what happened with Rohit as his trainer was pretty experienced and these classes became a happy addiction for him. But one day his trainer decided to move back to his native place, Jaipur citing the reason that the center is on a verge of being closed down. By this time, Rohit had strike a personal chord with the trainer and listening about the center being shut; something within him made him to say “Do not close the center, I will invest into it, become my partner.”

The trainer was taken aback but Rohit’s unshaken determination made him nod. With all the energy and motivation in his eyes, Rohit then approached his best friend of 12 years, someone with who he had spent most of his teen years by bunking classes, playing gully cricket, video games WWE stunts, you name it!. After few what’s and how’s, his best friend also agreed and that’s how the very core team, the trio of foundation was formed- Mr. Rohit Dhingra along with Mr. Surendra Singh, the Yoga Guru and Mr. Ullas Narain, his bestie and all three of them being in their mid twenties. IHS got the registration done by Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 25th September 2013 by the name of Infinite Health Studios Private Limited.

IHS Founders
IHS Founders

The concept did come to life but there were many hurdles in the beginning. In Rohit’s words:

“I clearly remember we as the core team were also involved in these chores like mopping the floor or preparing the tea. So everything we did in the beginning was hand-picked and self-done. Each morning when I woke up the entire scenario used to be in front of me , when I knew 50 people would be waiting for my update to pay them , 10 vendors would call me with their concerns , I don’t know how many clients would call me today and say that your trainer didn’t come or the trainer is always late , maybe a call simultaneously from the training centre would call and say that your studio isn’t opened yet and its already 6:05am in the morning or may be a call from a team member in office stating that he or she isn’t well and I knew that his/her presence if not there for the day the day would land us with hit to production but then with a smiling face saying- that’s alright! The hurdles are tough to narrate but yes the golden rule was to hold on, be there, wait, get up each morning and come back with a higher energy and say no you need not quit.”

IHS have been associated with many big names like- Coca Cola, Titan Industries, DLF Foundation, IBM Technologies, Fujitsu India, Bayer Phamaceuticals , Amway India, Jindal, and around 60 more. Mentioning one such big project is “Constipasana” which takes place every year from 2015 and is in association with pharma giants- Abbott India. This project is about mass Yoga camps for general public focusing on the problem of constipation. Combining the statistics of year 2015 and 2016, around 5442 camps PAN India occasion of World Yoga Week within a span of 30 days and reached almost 152000 patients. Something which we always be proud of and will keep as a motivation to reach even higher number in coming years.

To some up this, it did take a lot by Mr. Rohit Dhingra to convert his dreams to reality- from answering his family about leaving secure jobs and starting something of his own, to sacrificing his personal life of meeting with friends and relatives so that he could keep pace with the current trends in the industry. It still is a long way to go, but looking back only fills hos eyes with moments of pride and encouragement. There were times when Rohit wanted it all to be wrapped up but now after step by step of building this dream path, all he wants is IHS to mark a global presence. Citing that, he always claims that his customers will always be his first priority and their healthcare will be the single most important driving factor for IHS to incorporate more healthcare options and quality centered care so that nobody in this race of life loses the most important asset- their Health! And he wants this concept to be turned infinite in the form of Infinite Health Studios.

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