Based in Hyderabad, Ingenious Aces was established in October 2013, by the 23-year-old passionate Kritika Ponia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Microbiology but her heart lies in writing, which is how Ingenious Aces took birth.

The inspiration came from her elder brother Abhishek Ponia while the idea was from her friend, Varun Singh, who was quite casual about it when he suggested it. Who knew she would actually take it seriously and get to work immediately? Having consulted with her brother, she found the required confidence and motivation to enter the entrepreneurial world. What magic some encouragement can create! Take a look at her if you need an example. She is now the Founder and CEO of Ingenious Aces.

Kritika Ponia (Founder, Ingenious Aces)
Kritika Ponia (Founder, Ingenious Aces)

Ingeniuos Aces has a team of highly accomplished individuals who know how to string words together to form something meaningful, purposeful, and personal. For them earning is just a bonus. They write because they love to and have made it their duty to provide content of almost any form to their clients.

Their aim is to help startups with their content writing and creative writing needs. Understanding the business and its environment, conducting thorough research, and coming up with highly informative and relevant content, which is today’s need. Some people don’t have the time to furnish content while others don’t have the skill. This is where Ingenious Aces comes in, Kritika says. “Writing is our passion and we have that skill,” she adds with a smile.

They have clients across the world. One of their most significant clients is Country Oven, a popular bakery with branches in India and the USA.

Moving on, we enquired about what difficulties Ingenious Aces is facing at the moment with growth and with a sigh Kritika said, “Hiring is the biggest difficulty.” Apparently finding dedicated writers at reasonable rates has proven to be quite a hindrance for them.

When asked about the stiff competition her firm faces with the Internet full of freelance writers, she said with confidence that their passion for work gives her the edge. “There may be many writers and they may be coming up with articles/content but there are only a blessed few that come with up with quality content in the given time and at affordable rates. And it is indeed taking us forward. We have a steady client base even though we are only a few months old.”

So, how is their hiring process? Stringent? Do only experienced writers make the cut? “Our doors are open to anyone who has a passion for writing. Writing comes naturally and if you are in it for the money you won’t be in it for long. Thus, we set aside educational bars and experience constraints, focusing on hiring writers who have their hearts in the art,” she replies with another smile.

We wish the dainty Kritika Ponia and Ingenious Aces the very best. We hope to see them shine very soon.

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