Everything that we see today is the product of a good digital marketing strategy. Be it news, entertainment or even cute cat videos, all of the content flows through our social media after being pulled from their host websites. Basically, anything that’s off the internet is off the plates and views of the mass. In these days of Digital India, today at The Startup Journal we have the founder of MyLnk, an unique startup that literally crafts the perfect URL according to the purpose of your website that’s both witty and crucial – Mr. Neel Sinha.

How did the inception of MyLnk take place for an IIM engineer having 25 years of soaring career?

“Being the founder and CEO at Nfaktor, a business consulting company, I’ve had diverse exposure to varied markets, products, and solutions. It also happened that travelling across the globe in sales and leadership roles I’ve learnt that every product that is produced or created and every service that is conceptualized has a buyer, provided a story is woven around them. This was the fundamental belief that went into creating MyLnk – a custom link platform that provides awesome analytics. The thought of creating MyLnk was an evolution from the need of marketers to be able to personalize their campaigns and being able to measure the impact easily. And that’s how MyLnk was created on September 2017 in Bangalore.”

How exactly does MyLnk work and what are the pain points that it resolves?

“Most marketing campaigns run online and therefore have web links associated with them. These web links are generally long, are difficult to remember, do not convey a message on itself and therefore reduces chances of clicks. MyLnk changes that as it is a link management platform that allows users to create customized links and shortened links for existing URLs. MyLnk also provides comprehensive analytics for these customized links, create campaigns, compare link performances. These features help users to make their campaigns personalized, do A/B testing for their collaterals, compare campaign performance across social and digital media, as the marketers desperately needed a simple solution that would make both these expectations a possibility.

MyLnk as a product is unique in the way that has made marketing personalized and measurable being simple and easy to use, that does not require extensive training to use and produce amazing marketing campaigns while promising a very high ROI.”

What exactly is your vision for MyLnk and where do you see it in the next five years?

“Well, the vision was always to make MyLnk as one of the world’s topmost brands in marketing, to be the most used Link Manager with best link analytics and ROI while constantly evolving with maturing demands of multi-dimensional, multi-media marketing.

With over 200 subscribers including fortune companies, start-ups and individuals, this seed-funded startup is all set to go for a commercial beta launch and is available free to use for another month till the launching of the MyLnk app.”

Often we come across things that could be as easy as anything but changes the perception of looking at things. We’re sure with MyLnk on-board, you don’t really have to worry about getting the right links the next time you think about starting your own bakery website or perhaps even a blog. After all, every impression counts!

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