With the ongoing stressful lifestyle, staying fit mentally and physically is an affair that needs to be on the top of everyone’s priority list. Many a times we lose track of our health routines and beauty perspectives owing to the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day schedules and tension.

The overall Indian wellness market is estimated to hit INR 1 Trillion by the end of 2015, as reported by PwC. But such numerous sized market is still untapped and unexploited unlike restaurant market which is flooded with players of all sizes. There’s a player in this industry who wants to be the Zomato for the wellness segment.

I got a chance to interact with Mr. Kamal Gulati, Founder of “The Makeoverz” to share his journey.

Hello Mr. Gulati, can you introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, I am Kamal Gulati. I’m the Founder & Director of “The Makeoverz”. I’ve done my Post Graduation  from BIMTECH and LLB from Innovative Institute of Law.

What exactly is “The Makeoverz”?

The Makeoverz is an online directory to the Salons, Spas, Makeup Artists, Skin Centres, Gyms, Fitness Studios and Personal Trainers & Dieticians in Delhi NCR. We give customers a chance to know some very essential but basic information about our clients, and give them a chance to express their views and provide ratings, so that their experience is pleasant from the very first step to the last.

Our USP is, we provide unbiased information, actual pictures, rate lists and offers. We have around 2000 vendors listed on our website.

You want to be the Zomato in the wellness industry. We would like to know how it all started?

It was about November 2013, when I read extensively about Zomato and its success. How the company reached great heights, just by providing the pictures and menu of the food outlets around us. Beauty & Fitness was the industry which lacked information. So it struck me that how convenient it would be for people if somebody could just provide the information like Rate List & Pictures about Salon, Spa & Gym.

I spoke to some of my  friends and they told me that a portal like this should exist. So, I visited a couple of salons with a friend and told them that we wanted information about their salon to list them on our website. They were excited and wanted to get featured. That research was enough for me to work on it.

How were the initial days for The Makeoverz?

On January 7, 2014, I employed a Business Development Manager who worked from home for me. We made a plan of collecting data by approaching high end brands first. As data from all these brands would help us to attract interests of other brands. We got our website created through a company and launched it on March 25th, 2014(Birth day of my BDM). Our website had 250-300 listings of Salon, Spa & Gym.

Team The Makeoverz
Key Team Members
This might be a huge task for a small team. Collecting the data and merging it all together is a tough task. How did you manage it?

I hired some interns for data collection but it didn’t work out like it was supposed to. I had to out source it to a company which helped me in collecting the data. Now, my website was launched, data was collected, someone had to put it up there on the website. I worked alone, day and night, to upload data on my website. It was too much work for a single person to handle.

Then, I again hired an intern for one month but this time to update the data. It was around July when Makeup Artist started to approach me. This made me realize that there are people who do not have their own studios but are freelancers seeking a platform like this to get recognition and work. Then I thought of making Skin Centers as a separate category. Fitness Studios came out of Gyms and Trainers & Dietitians were added distinctly.

7  being my lucky number, I expanded my categories to 7. Now it had Salon, Spa, Skin Centers, Makeup Artists, Gym, Fitness Studios, and Trainers & Dietitians.

What  do you think is the scope of this Industry?

Around October and November of 2014, I read a lot about many companies who had started getting funding. That was the time I got to know about funding of websites.  For me ,there was no scope of going down any further so I had to get up, dust myself off and rise. I made this part time work, my full time job in January 2015. With more zeal and enthusiasm , I worked on it, created a team which could make my dream as theirs and prove it to every body. Things started to get better.

From January 2015 to August 2015, our daily users grew from 60 to 500. Our Alexa ranking (India) was 75,000 in July and it is 25,000 today.

On the last note, how will you summarize your journey?

It was a team of people with just one dream, to make our  Makeoverz touch the sky. Getting onto that “literally” we got our Makeoverz Kites printed and distributed them for free on August 15th. Looking at our brand name touch the sky, I realised, that when you have faith in yourself, nobody can stop you. We still have a long way to go.

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