Today employee referrals have become quite common and are by far the most preferred mode of hiring for the companies. Definitely, the medium has its own advantages – both to the company and to the referrer. But have this ever crossed your mind that you can actually make money by just referring your friends for a job?

A startup called is trying to become a platform of choice for Corporate and job seekers to find each other through existing or acquired referrals; in the process creating an ecosystem, which combines Profile Evaluation, Organized Referral System and networking. The idea is rooted in the Employee Referral Job scheme run by several IT companies

Joblagao was ideated by Satyam Sinha , a seasoned IT Professional of over 10 Years of experience. During his tenure in several MNCs, Satyam was an ardent follower of the Employee Referral scheme running in his company. He used to share the requirements on Linkedin and other social media to source resumes, screen them and share the profiles with the HR under the Employee Referral Scheme. There were two motivations in doing it. The first one was obviously the employee referral bonus and the second one was to grow the team in the organization. He is a supply chain expert and experienced in implementing solutions by i2 Technologies (Which was later acquired by JDA). As this is a niche skill set, so wherever there was a requirement for hiring on JDA skill set, he took the initiative to come forward and fulfill the requirement. His efforts were recognized in various companies, where he was working

  • He received HP eAward for significant contribution to the project, technical development initiatives and active participation in hiring activities.
  • He received Celebrating Performance (CP) points in Accenture for sourcing profiles on JDA skill set, conducting interviews and external hiring.
  • In his last role as a Manager in Cognizant, he was instrumental in referring people in his team as well as other groups.

On seeing the initial traction and success, Satyam thought to extend the employee referral scheme and build a website to reach the masses which he discussed with his friends who run a Website designing and IT Consulting Company in Delhi NCR. They also believed in this idea and decided to take it forward. This was the right decision to scale up quickly as they had the expertise of web site design/development and also had experience in handling Social Media, SEO and other nitty-gritty of the web.

Satyam left a lucrative and well established job in Cognizant to join the venture full time in July 2015 and co-founded the company with his friends in Delhi NCR. The company Joblagao Services Private Limited was formed in October 2015.The Company currently operates from 2 locations in India. Satyam works with a small team in a shared office space in Bangalore. Other team members share the same office space of the other Co-Founder in Noida. The company has gained good traction in the last few months. It has over 10,000 registered users and Likes on Facebook.

Team Joblagao
Team Joblagao

Initially it was only limited to employee referral jobs but nowadays other consultants and companies have also started posting jobs on the website. Joblagao has also got hiring contract from startups and mid-sized IT companies  like  Innoviti, Vectoscalar, KLOC Technologies and Lyra Infosystems. Apart from the contract they are actively referring people in big MNCs like Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture, IBM, Sapient, Juniper, Citrix, McAfee (Intel) etc . They do not have a contract with these big MNCs. The employee of these companies share jobs with joblagao and source the resumes. Once the resume reaches the referrer, the employee referral policy of the respective company is followed. In some company the resumes are uploaded in the internal employee referral portal while in other companies, it is directly shared with the hiring managers.

The platform is being used by more than 50 companies, recruitment agencies and independent company employees to find suitable candidates. It has over 10,000 active job seekers searching for these jobs and the number keeps growing exponentially. Numerous candidates have already been placed through it and swear by its effectiveness.

The company was initially bootstrapped. Now, they have received seed round from Canada based angel investors. The funds would be utilized to grow the team, build a better recommendation engine and improve the screening process, so that the companies do not spend time and resources in screening profiles.

Having received an angel round of investment from Canada based investors; is on the path of becoming an ecosystem that is committed to improve the quality of hires in India.

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