Buying jewellery online! Now that’s not something you’d associate an Indian buyer with. In recent times, e-commerce has taken the market by storm. A new community of internet shoppers has emerged that buys almost every other thing online. However, when it comes to jewellery, the same community prefers offline stores. Well, how can one buy something which is so treasured and close to their heart without even having a feel of it?

Though there are websites who’ve persevered to boom the e-commerce space of this market in India, online share of it is still a meager 0.3% of the world’s biggest jewellery market.

Jewellery until now was considered something which cannot create a space for itself in the online market, and so was furniture. Both belong to a low frequency purchase segment; both are non-standard products unlike electronics. In both the cases, people prefer to see the product before buying. To everybody’s surprise, Pepper fry, Urban Ladder and few others have done a splendid job in creating a space for furniture in the e-commerce market. Why can’t jewellery too witness the same bloom?
You might say- “Jewellery shopping is a very intimate shopping experience and we’ll always prefer to ‘touch n feel’ the product before buying. We’ve been going to the same jeweller for generations who’s there to guide us at each and every step. Do I get all this in online shopping?”

Yes, you do!

IIT Kharagpur alumni Ankit Banthia and Vivek Sinha have risen-up to the occasion. Their brainchild, Johari Shop, is growing by leaps and bounds to bridge this void between online and offline shopping of precious jewellery. How does it do that? It accomplishes this by perfectly blending USP of online shopping- the “huge selection”, with the ‘touch n feel’ experience of offline realm. On one hand it brings the huge selection from numerous pan-India manufacturers to a single platform, and on the other hand they have partnered with a string of “brick n mortar” stores to let you try the product before purchasing it. Returns can’t get any easier! Leave it with the store; it’s that simple.

Johari Shop

It’s a win-win venture. Partner stores are happy- apart from the cut for every delivery, they also get a lot of serious jewellery buying footfalls who might soon be their patrons. On this very day, Johari Shop has more than 17,000+ unique products from popular brands across country making it the biggest collection of precious jewelries in India.  The collection is only getting bigger and better every day. Johari Shop’s goal is to have more than 1 lakh products for its customers within the next 6 months.

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