In the midst of all the cab services available in India, there are a multitude of people commuting via autos every day and their rides are fret with logistical issues. Tardiness, rude behavior, haggling for fare rates and unavailability are common problems faced by the economical commuter who wants the streamlined process of an Uber cab but cannot afford it.

Jugnoo On Demand Auto App

Keeping eyes on all these problems faced, Jugnoo was launched with the thought of using on demand technology and bring an app which can be used to call an auto anywhere, anytime with click of a button while ensuring that the rates are cheaper than the comparable rates charged by auto drivers in a locality.

It is an on demand solution for auto rickshaws. The consumer app lets you call the auto rickshaws from the network of Jugnoos’ via your smartphone by connecting you with the available auto rickshaws in the vicinity. Its pay as you go mechanism allows you to pay the fair share for the exact distance travelled. Just download the app and register to enjoy its services.

The app was launched by Samar Singla, the CEO and Founder in September, 2014 at BigMobilityConf organised by NextBigWhat.

Jugnoo raised an Angel round investment of INR 7.3 million last month and is the first real product startup starting out of City Beautiful, Chandigarh. The company currently has a 12 member team working on the product, customer care and marketing.

“Our mission is to provide a safe, reliable, convenient and economical mode of auto travel to consumers using On Demand Mobile Service technology via Jugnoo”, says, Samar.

Jugnoo is a common app for both driver and the customer and hence the same map is shared on both sides.

To be a Jugnoo driver, the auto rickshaw drivers should have an iPhone or Android phone to be able to use the app. Every driver goes through an extensive background check as a safety measure for the passengers.

As of now, the app is only available in Chandigarh Tri-city.

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