Smartphones have become our lifelines these days. Imagine a scenario when your phone suddenly stops working. Isn’t that scary? Didn’t your heart skip a beat when you first dropped your phone? There are new phones in the market every other day how to keep your phone updated with limited budget?

To solve these problems Rahul and Ajit started, a unique e-commerce platform with over 10,000 smartphone & tablet repair services. For the first time in the industry, they have productized repair services providing 100% transparency in pricing and excellent customer service. Therefore, users can buy a service on their platform as if they are buying a product. They are seeing tremendous response from the early adopters with a 50% MOM growth.


They have also recently launched their refurbished platform where users can sell their old phones and buy company guaranteed refurbished phones at reasonable prices. The platform gives instant quotations for selling old phones.

The co-founders Rahul Agarwal & Ajit Panigrahi were batch mates at XLRI and often discussed business ideas. “The after-sales-service industry in India – especially for the evolving categories like electronics (smartphone’s/tablets) is currently a big pain for the customers. We are trying to organize this huge unorganized market. We’ve received good initial response, because of the lack of professional players in this sector who can provide transparency in pricing and excellent customer service”, says Rahul Agarwal.

The company currently provides free device pick – drop service, 100% transparent pricing, free standby phone and post repair warranty as part of its value proposition. The focus has been ensuring high quality service to customers at their doorstop. Highly experienced and skilled technicians repair the devices, which further undergo rigorous quality check before being delivered to the customer.

“In the next five years, we want to build a brand which is synonymous with trust. has to be the go to place across India for people looking at getting things fixed”, said Ajit Panigrahi.

Apart from Rahul and Ajit, their core team is rich in experience. Vidhi (VP, Marketing, MBA XLRI) leads the marketing vertical with prior experience in Citibank and Coco-Cola. Ramakrishna (VP, Refurbished Sales, MBA XLRI) has over 5 years of management consulting experience with Accenture Strategy and L&T and is leading the company’s foray in refurbished goods business. Pradeep (VP, New Business Initiatives, MBA XLRI) is a startup veteran with his own previous venture has offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi NCR. Another feather in their cap has been launching Pan India operations through third party logistics. So if someone in Allahabad drops his iPhone and needs a screen replacement he can simply book a repair at The company sends special packaging material in which customer packs his phone and sends back to ensure no damage in transit. Post repair the phone is sent back securely. The customer gets high quality service with warranty right at his doorstep in any part of India!!

“We are very excited at the possibilities that lie ahead. With an average phone replacement cycle of 24 months, refurbished phones business is also a very lucrative business avenue for us to explore in the months to come.” said Ramakrishna at the recent launch of their refurbished platform.

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