These are the times when everyone wants to have a digital presence, thanks to the revolutionary breakthrough of social media and how to define it more accurately that, as higher the demands that higher the parameter of standards grow? Meet the game-changing startup in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Robotic Process Automation and Data Science that is solely run by women entrepreneurs, Kafalsoft!

Intrigued? So are we.

In an organization where there are various levels of work and has a digital footprint, piling up of data is inevitable and when the same is unable to put to any use is then generally left to be forgotten in some rucksack. But, what if we say you that through certain ways that data can not only be silted to make the best out of waste but also help you take a better decision for the organization? Aeshna Kapoor did what one may easily take for unthinkable and made a difference. We know, right!

Aeshna Kapoor , Kafalsoft Founder
Aeshna Kapoor , Kafalsoft Founder


It started on one fine summer mornings of April 2017, in Noida, Delhi when they figured out that once they start focussing on Machine Learning, the following processes would easily turn out automated yielding the humanizing of the value change as well as saving costs while removing inaccuracies. Still having doubts about how it works? Don’t worry we have it covered for you.

According to Kafalsoft’s HR Automation solutions, the entire process of employee on-boarding is automated making the Human Resource managers and executives get valuable insights from the multi-faceted data the employee submits to the employer in order to get through a certain situation with effective ease. Cool, right?

The products by Kafalsoft derive real-time information that automatically generates key insights, which when received at the right time can prevent further complicacies and make the experience worthwhile for the users. Having said that, due to such advanced abilities of the system in client management, it directly impacts the top along with the bottom line of revenue for the company that basically frames the financial foothold of the organisation! Basically it’s like having a dual line of force right across your organisational fortress.

And you know the best part? It’s entirely cognitive that makes it work! Imagine a system that isn’t only fast but also based on continuous and contextual learning. And that’s not all. In such a learning environment, as a user, you don’t even have to bother yourself with capturing all the data points in order to make the system function! There, you’re sorted for the rest of your work!

A Bootstrapped organisation that has FSS clients as such, Kafalsoft has always been focussed on the emerging areas of Machine Learning, RPA and Data Science which gave them an edge to break in to initial set of clients, given the perks of having a highly credential founders who knew just the right things that the market needed from them. Whoa, seems like these ladies know what it takes for sure!

Perhaps one of the most crucial features of a start-up is having the coherent revenue model that can either make or break the day of the people in it. All thanks to the uniqueness in delivering outcomes with precision things got on the brighter side of the organisation, owing it to the solutions on Cognitive Invoice Processing (see our previous blog) and Employee On-boarding Automation (which we have discussed here earlier) and has become widely accepted and adapted technological strategies!

It’s not every day that you find something simple as a toothpick to take care of the most complicated yet valuable things in your life, is it? And when that happens, you know it’s going to stay with you for a long time as your go-to, right? And that’s exactly what Kafalsoft is all about, the simplicity in which they make complicated stuff easier for you! It’s like having a self-sustained army behind, to take care of your exhausting and never-ending lists of data that one generally is helpless with!


Being one of the very best Technology Automation providers in the country, Kafalsoft plans in building rewarding partnerships with European countries, thus ensuring the spread of consciousness and valuation of cognitive technology.

It has recently appointed Ashwini Kumar as Chief Product Officer who is a Big Data and Data Science expert with overall 15+ years of experience in IT industry.

On opening up about the things Kafalsoft looks for as they hire employees, that if the individual can blend with the team-members with equal productivity as they have acquired through years, making its principle of ‘Employee First’ fall into place for ‘Client First’ as both are directly proportional to each other. Well, what can we say, that’s quite a quirky way to take care of things!

And for all the readers who’re willing to apply, here’s where you should do your research before deciding on anything. And that’s not all since Kafalsoft also offers free movie tickets every month and also a brand new mobile phone upon joining. See, we told you all, employees come first for Kafalsoft!

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