Kepp In Touch

Did you fill out a feedback form at the elite hotel, but they never connected with you ever since; then you would want to suggest them Keep In Touch.

Mr Apurva Thakkar the MD at Bhavana Televentures, realised that most of the companies lack a robust Database management program and were unaware of the colossal benefits that an organised database management program could bring them. Bhavana Televentures is one of the leading telecom service suppliers in India. The company’s vast experience and existing client base helped build a strong foundation for their new Start-up “Keep In Touch”. Their substantial contact in various industries vertical helped them create a strong tie-up with brands like Monginis, Birdy, and Florista etc.

Leading the Keep In Touch team are Mr Apurva Thakker (co-founder), Mr Rahul Anam (co-founder) and Mr Punit Thakker (customer service delivery). With each of them excelling in different skills, together they bring tenacity to the company.

With the solid believe that Gifts, SMS’s and mails are the best way to Keep In touch, these mavericks came up with an refreshing and easy way to create and optimize Database management in strengthen Client Relationship Management at the same time, in addition to creating a loyalty programme.

Using Keep In Touch automated cloud based application aspiring companies can now send e-mail, SMS, flower bouquet, chocolates, cakes, greeting card or gifts to clients, employees, collaborates or whomsoever you wish to keep in touch with. Although as of today Keep In Touch is offering the only limited provisions, they aspire to add luxury inventory in future such as electronics, etc.

The application has a very simple yet attractive interface where entrepreneurs can feed data in to the app and will receive notification on important days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and they can choose to send any of the above mentioned provision. The chosen item will be delivered to the recipient without the sender having to go through any of the trouble of getting the gift and delivering it. Till now Keep In Touch has created a milestone with 100 happy customers in 1.5 months. Our vision is to help 1 lac SMEs and Retailers manage their database smoothly.

Keep In Touch is an all-inclusive app that combines the luxuries of sending gifts to loved ones and technical aspects to managing a database.

When asked, Mr. Apurva (position) explained to us the benefits on Keep In Touch through a small example he himself had witnessed. Mr Apurva said, “My close friend own an elite club in Mumbai. Many patrons come for inquires but not all of them by their Membership. The receptionist notes down their important details and of their birthdays they send them a cake and greeting card via Keep In Touch. They managed to convert more leads through our programme then what they have done collectively till today. The club now has a strong loyalty programme than ever before.” Furthermore, Mr Apurva had to say that, “The idea behind Keep In Touch is to ‘Empower the network’ (which happens to be their tagline). Most companies are myopic in their approach to CRM, through Keep In Touch we aim to create a prudent and long-term loyal programme for businesses.”

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