“We are going to professionalize the unorganized sector of Cleaning,” Rupal Bansal.

Notwithstanding the huge propaganda that the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has created in India, the professional cleaning sector is still fairly unorganized. Kleenr aims to change all that and make professional cleaning especially toilet cleaning accessible to all and operationally organised. Conceptualized and Founded by Rupal Bansal, Kleenr is an on demand professional cleaning service with an emphasis on regular toilet cleaning and maintenance.

Early crowd funding has already crept in for Kleenr with investments from friends and family including Mohit Bansal, a serial entrepreneur. Rupal, is the ideation in charge of a small but creative team. Together they are out to make the blue collared job gain its esteem. They are out to set up a Clean Team with a clean mission- to preach and practise cleanliness in homes and toilets and uplift this unorganized sector.

We had a chance to interact with the Kleenr Founder and here’s what she has to say,

There are many on demand household services these days? How is yours different?

Most of the on demand household services are aggregators who connect the seekers with the service providers. Ours is a specialized professional cleaning service where we offer end to end solution. We offer home cleaning, kitchen cleaning, office cleaning, car cleaning and toilet cleaning.

Rupal Bansal, Kleenr Founder
Rupal Bansal, Kleenr Founder
We have heard some interesting stuff about your toilet maintenance service? What is the model?

We noticed that while we clean our homes regularly, our toilets go ignored. Neither does your domestic help clean your toilets properly nor do you take the time out. Thus toilets go ignored whilst they are the ones that are most germ prone and need maximum cleaning. This is where our Toilet Cleaning Monthly Plan solves the problem. Our cleaner comes on a pre-fixed schedule through the month and cleans the toilet properly with world class organic chemicals and cleaning tools. This is done 4/8/12 times a month based on the client’s requirement.

How has the response been? Where do you see yourself go from here? Perhaps other services?

The response has been tremendous as expected. We were right in identifying this niche requirement of regular toilet cleaning. We have already done more than 100 toilet monthly plans within 2 months of starting up.

With the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan gaining momentum in the country, the cleaning industry is surely going places. It is that multi-billion dollar industry that is waiting to be tapped.

Currently we wish to focus on our toilet cleaning model and take it from NCR to the other metros and bigger cities. The need is there across India, it is just about setting the right operations.

Speaking of operations, how do you manage to deal with the cleaning staff? How big is unprofessionalism and attrition a problem?

When we started, it was a big task to deal with attrition. But gradually we realized that the unorganized workers are hungry for training (which we are providing them) and better pay. With ample pep talk and motivation, we have been able to manage our staff well.  Attrition is sometimes an issue but discipline is stepping in now with adequate work ethics.

Would you like to share your future plans?

Yes, surely. We are looking for funding to launch in different cities in India. We wish to take our regular toilet cleaning monthly plan Pan India to make cleaning a habit. We also wish to showcase cleaning up as a clean act. Currently the cleaners are looked down upon; the job is treated as lowly. We wish to revolutionize this and grant the due respect to these guys. With better cleaning practises and better pay, our cleaners are hardworking a lot and we aim to get them their due respect for the excellent job they do.

Follow Kleenr on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kleenr

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