Last Mile Delivery (LMD) have become crucial part of the business, specially for Logistics, eCommerce and retail. LMD occupies one-third of the total delivery cost. With the delivery guy being the only common touch point with the customer it is very important to have an efficient last mile delivery.

Last Mile Delivery Problems

Impact of inefficient Last Mile Delivery leads to slow response rate, low customer satisfaction, inefficient service, low retention levels therefore it effects the overall profitability. With last mile delivery playing a crucial role in directly impacting productivity, revenues and customer experience companies have to focus on using efficient delivery management software that helps in increasing the work better.

Companies operating in logistics industry face some unique challenges as delivery guys operate in vast territories and their representatives are distributed in many different locations. The challenges these companies face include:

  • Lack of real-time coordination
  • Ineffective technology application
  • Run sheet creation
  • Admin work
  • Locating customer addresses
  • Visibility of field workforce
  • Handling Ad-hoc requests

To solve the above challenges, mobility has emerged as a key strategic as well as tactical solution that solves these issues for an organization. To give the customers the last smile through the last mile, it is important that the companies reach out to the customer quickly and efficiently. To drive the last-mile efficiently and to bring a smile on the customer, it is important that enterprises mobilize their day-to-day operations and data.

How does mobility solve this?

An efficient Delivery Management Software helps in mapping the view of current location of executives, dispatch jobs to mobile workforce, receive live updates from the field, proof of delivery sent to online delivery system, better control on the executives and also helps in accurate and timely information for better planning.

Mobility helps in efficiently scheduling and dispatching the jobs to the field workforce. An efficient scheduling and dispatching of jobs helps in optimizing the operations by assigning the jobs based on the nearby location and work load. It helps in effectively managing work orders and maximizes utilization rates to ensure happy customers. The objective of scheduling & dispatching is to maximize utilization of delivery guys and minimum customer waiting time.

Locating customer addresses have become a serious challenge for the delivery guys. A field workforce management captures the lat-long of the customer and shows the nearest possible route to reach him. This reduces the time spent in searching the addresses for him.

Life of a delivery guy involves a lot of paper work and beginning from run-sheet generation in the morning to submitting of the cash reconciliation and delivery reports in the evening, about two hours in a day is spent on the admin work. By automating the processes and the data, there is a reduction in the time spent on the admin tasks and automated reports will be generated at the end of the each day.

To optimize the productivity of each field worker it is important for the manager to understand or track the performance and work-load of each executive. A delivery tracking software helps the manager in knowing “Who does what, with what, when where and for whom,” on the field.

An end-to-end solution for Logistics transforms the way businesses are running:

With an efficient Delivery Management Software., companies can run their operations on the mobile. From manager’s point of view he knows the productivity of his team can address customer vagaries due to identification and traction of any field worker, identify problem areas through heat maps and other analytical reports, his real time reporting allows him to make smarter decisions and address concerns. It also helps the field worker by reducing administrative work (manual data entry, cash reconciliation etc.) leading to increased productivity, increased first-attempts. The time that was used to generate these reports can now be used more productively.

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