Have you always found it taxing to get a legal document drafted and signed in India? Just kidding, of course, it is taxing. It is a Herculean task to get it done sometimes. You’ll need to approach a lawyer, get the deed drafted, get the document printed on Stamp paper and finally get the parties to sign it. Phew! That is so like a round of power yoga!

Addressing this difficulty and making waves in the Indian legal space, is this power-packed start-up from the Silicon Valley of India. LegalDesk.com started out in early 2014 with the sole intention to simplify legal documentation and related services. Being based in a city that has many legal documentation needs, it was no big surprise that the company was a near instant hit.

LegalDesk also addresses the concerns of budding entrepreneurs through a unique product. Startup Package, as it is called, helps businesses get registered with the required authorities while also taking care of all the legal documentation and related paperwork. Anyone who has ever tried to start a company would agree that the hassles associated with it are pretty discouraging. Startup Packages offered by LegalDesk, solves that for you. The Incorporation packages offered cover essential procedures such as obtaining the DSC certificate, PAN, TAN, MOA & AOA and approval and registration of the name. The company also offers a business documentation package which offers a set of DIY legal documents and eSigns at a very compelling price.

The founders say that the journey has been nothing short of an adventure but they feel that the idea was successful because the need for simplified documentation in the legal space was pressing. Within the city of Bangalore alone, the requirement for rental agreements is phenomenal. Now, with over 13,000 users registered with the portal, LegalDesk caters to a wide range of legal documentation needs. The company has also gone that extra mile and offers stamp paper printing and door-step delivery services in all major metros and cities. Ain’t that great?

At its core, LegalDesk is designed to help people draft legal documents remotely, all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection, thus taking away the need to visit a lawyer or a stamp vendor. The documents, which can be customized by filling in your details, are drafted with utmost caution by a team of in-house lawyers. Essentially, this is a system that generates legal documents customized to suit your needs based on some questions that you will answer.

Here’s an example to explain things better. Person A wants to create a rental agreement for his landlord and himself. He visits the LegalDesk website, signs up, picks Rental Agreement from the list of documents available and sets about answering questions presented to him. The system will ask him to input details like the address of the property being rented, names of parties involved, description of the property and much more. While person A is filling in the details, a live preview would be appearing on the right reflecting all additions and changes made. Once all the details are filled, and the document has been paid for, the preview of the entire document will be presented for review.


Users can either opt to purchase just the softcopy alone which they will have to print on Stamp paper before proceeding further or; they can opt to let the company handle the Stamp paper printing part. LegalDesk will acquire stamp paper of recommended value and print your document on it. Post this; the hard copy will be mailed to an address of your choosing.

This is pretty much the working for every other legal document available on the site. Much easier when compared with the conventional method of approaching a lawyer for drafting.

All forms have been subjected to several rounds of review and are hence, guaranteed to be loophole free. You can even customize and add clauses that you feel are necessary for your cause.

A Rental Agreement Mobile App was launched recently for Android users and is expected to take the ease of drafting rental agreements to a whole new level of easy.

On the surface, things may look fairly simple, because hey, the idea is simplification. But, the founders and the team behind LegalDesk jointly agree that working behind the scenes is no easy task. Be it constantly looking out for potential glitches or following up with the customers to ensure one hundred percent satisfaction, the team members are always on their toes, often pulling all night long sessions.

Team LegalDesk
Team LegalDesk

Like most Bangalore-based start-ups, LegalDesk too is hoping to touch the lives of many Indians through its services and products. With firmly rooted values and a team that works tirelessly, LegalDesk, in every sense, is a company to watch out for.

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