The startup industry is generally perceived as related to Technology, Finance and Education, or in other words something that people consider mainstream. But, thanks to the uniqueness of several individuals who have always considered to think and act differently, the fashion e-tail market in India is expected to surpass USD $35 Billion by 2020. Millennials love to shop (we’d know that!) and when it comes to designer bags, this startup Strutt Store has taken it to a whole new level!

What exactly is  The Strutt Store?

For all those who understand the feeling of new, plush designer bags – Strutt Store is the disneyland of all your designer bag dreams! From chic Duffel bags, totes to jaw-dropping handbags, biker bags and gym bags Strutt Store is sure to keep you hooked. Their collection is exhaustive with innumerable options in design, make and colors – this startup makes you splurge on each of these handpicked beauties! But there’s a catch – you don’t have to spend over-the-top at all. Strutt is based on the principle of making fashion affordable to everyone while benchmarking the quality each time. Breaking the stereotype of ‘expensive is quality’ Strutt stands on the principle that in these times of constantly changing fashion the best way to stay in fashion is by embracing the change. In this way, not only the monotony is broken every time, but also it adds vibrancy to our lives.

How Exactly Does Strutt Store Make It Happen?

Strutt Store gets its strong foundation from its decision of the pricing of the product, as to produce quality the first thing required is time investment. From understanding the raw material, team, processes in Quality Control – Strutt also finds smart ways to bring down the cost of manufacturing while maintaining the quality of the same. Strutt has a team of young and passionate designers who deliver utility and creativity as an evolving process of analysing and realising the people’s exact needs and quality detail as they move through metros, cabs, malls, etc. Strutt stands affirm to their promise of quality by also providing a 90 day replacement warranty in any case of manufacturing defect.

How Did the Inception of Strutt Store Take Place?

The founding team including Vishesh Khosla, Shruti, Pallav, Jitin , Faizan and lastly Rashi has always been a bunch of curious cats, having a concealed knack for the latest fashion trends. It was one fine day when Pallav – an FDDI Graduate came upto Vishesh and Shruti to help him set up a manufacturing unit for leather goods. Now Pallav was a merchandiser who was already working for Vishesh and Shruti but wanted to do something more. That’s when Vishesh and Shruti joined Pallav, having found hope in Pallav’s dreams. As Pallav started to focus on building a good product Shruti was learning along with him and Vishesh was focusing on building them the correct market. Faizan and Jitin  joined the bandwagon very shortly and The Tailors who handcraft each and every product saw great potential in building their own brand which they would own and joined hands with the core team and got invested in the process. Strutt Store started its journey with Walmart and now has its own private label and every day is rising strong in both customers and recognition.

How is the Future of Strutt Store Looking?

By far the journey has been promising, in the future according to the founders, Strutt is now slowly moving towards direct retail. They with their very unique collection of duffle bags seem to be emerging as an industry Leaders in the carry on Travel Luggage space .  From a growing brand presence and strong customer base who are loyal, it looks like Strutt Store has finally found the perfect balance between price and quality that it stands for to deliver its customers. Strutt Seems to be changing the Travel World 1 Bag at a time ! From The Startup Journal, we wish the Strutt Team all smiles and sunshine!

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