Why Start-ups should Explore Linkedin

Facebook and Twitter being the popular choices, often LinkedIn is not considered by a lot of companies when they think of social media activation. LinkedIn has been introducing many new features; these provide a wide array of options for companies to increase their reach and traction.

For a start-up, having LinkedIn presence can be a key differentiator.

Did you know that?

  • Your single status update reaches 20% of your connections
  • 20 updates a month gets you the attention of 60% of your audience

Here are the first steps for you to establish and leverage your LinkedIn presence,

#1 Create a company profile

Create an interesting company page for your start-up on LinkedIn. It acts like a website and if the content is cohesive and updated, people can know about the recent happenings in the start-up.

Also, research proves that 50% of LinkedIn members make a purchase if they engage with a company on LinkedIn. So, invest time in creating interesting content for your company page which helps build connections with the right kind of people including potential hires and customers.

#2 Position the company as an Industry thought leader

LinkedIn is a content bank for some really good professional insights and articles. Stats show that, industry insights are in high demand on the platform with 6 out of every 10 LinkedIn users, being interested in it. Also, company updates attract 53% of the members.

LinkedIn now allows sharing of interesting industry articles and insights as a company, with their company page feature. This enables good engagement with the page followers. Also, if the content is hard-hitting, it is likely to go viral on the platform. Share industry analysis, insights and other useful information on regular basis in order to position your company as a thought-leader.

LinkedIn also provides advanced features on the company page which allow us to customize and share the content with specific target audiences.

#3 Engage your Employees

As per statistics, employees are 70% more likely to engage with the company on an update as compared to a typical LinkedIn user. Posting updates on company’s growth and other milestones creates positivity among the employs and the chances of them sharing the same also are high. The company can use LinkedIn as part of their employee engagement program and initiate things like sharing testimonials, appreciating achievers and so on.

Not to forget, a happy employee would always give a positive reference and can provide a big boost to the company recruitment efforts.

To sum it all, nurturing professional relationships is important for every business especially a start-up. LinkedIn helps build a strong online professional network of customers, prospective employees, supporters and all other stakeholders.

Are you ready to leverage LinkedIn for your start-up?

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