We are in the era where everyone wants everything on the go; let that be blazing fast internet or even ordering food. Most of the people are so busy that they have no idea of what is happening in the world around them because they do not have the patience or time to go through lengthy and complex articles and news pieces. And on the other hand the newspapers are overloaded with headlines and more likely becoming a place for ads rather than informative news.

If you are one of these impatient souls then it’s the time to try Suno Khabar, a revolutionarily ideated android app that reads your favorite news on the go. You can now listen to news while doing other activities and going about your day.

The Co-founders Nikhil Choudhary & Anindita De, both being busy professionals (engineers) themselves, didn’t find enough time for their daily dose of news from India. At the same time they realized that they spent hours in their daily commute doing nothing fruitful but listening to music. This utilization of commuting time for keeping up with news led into the ideation of SunoKhabar.

With the Suno Khabar app, users can listen to their favorite news articles that are professionally recorded by the team’s voice-over artists. The app presents a stream of news articles every day, carefully curated from several sources. Users peruse through this list, while adding the ones that pique their interest, to a playlist. They can even have the selected articles played one after another. For users that may not have good enough data speed to play audio over the internet, the app also have an option to download the articles on the playlists over WiFi or mobile data which the user can listen uninterruptedly in offline mode. There also is a feature of 2X speed, to play the audio at a faster pace when time is of the essence.

Suno Khabar is the first app to come up with the idea of converting written news article to human audio format. The app was launched on Google Play last month and has gathered a good reader base within a very short span of time. The team is expecting to have an iOS version in near future.

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