During the early 2000’s, the world changed overnight because of the first-of-its’-kind social networking platform, Facebook. Since then there has been no looking back. Be it movies, shopping, education, industries and also governments – everything came alive on social media platforms. It was as if the whole world has caught the social networking bug. And now people are glued to their smartphones or desktops incessantly depending upon it for everything, except a breath of fresh air.

In this social media generation Maityo (Make it yours!), developed by Winnopro Technologies, has brought the marketing innovation with a dash of richness and unlimited possibilities to make the potential Marketers to rethink about their digital media strategies & spend. If you’re a Marketer, and looking for innovative ways to target your audience or to connect with them online more efficiently but differently, then you can definitely explore Maityo.

What exactly is Maityo all about?

Maityo tries to fill the gap between “marketing” and “effective marketing” through its unique in-built features to drive high user engagement through Gamification and Gratification. Maityo also has the potential to solve several online marketing & customer engagement specific challenges like increase brand awareness, generate sales leads, successful product launch, conduct Market/ Customer Research, drive E-commerce sales etc.

Maityo is potentially leading towards an online marketplace for marketing, promotion, ads, product launch, contests, etc. Marketers can now leverage this next-gen Integrated Digital Marketing platform to improve their marketing ROIs. It is born with a commitment to create unlimited winning possibilities for everyone – be it the Marketer or Brand or Consumers. It can also achieve the highest level visibility through its Gratification mechanism in terms of giveaways, gifts, freebies, prizes, exclusive benefits & offers which is always a need for marketing agencies, advertising agencies and B2C Brands.

How did the idea of a MarTech startup come through in India?

Meet the Founders of Maityo: Abu Yousuf and Hanish Keloth
Meet the Founders of Maityo: Abu Yousuf and Hanish Keloth

Maityo, the brainchild of Abu Yousuf and Hanish Keloth who together has more than two decades of working experience in Technology, Digital & Social Media and Analytics, and have a strong passion towards Marketing. To come up with the idea of a MarTech startup in India was a difficult task for the founders and speaking on that Abu says – “it took us for almost 5 years to bring it to a conclusive decision to take it to the market leaving our full-time jobs.”

Catering to some of the key aspects of Marketing, Maityo fits well across the following:

  • Marketing Redefined: Using Maityo, Marketers can not only just display the marketing & promotional content but also can encourage the viewers to participate and engage with the content.
  • Integrated Marketing: Integrated with Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (coming soon). It also has its inbuilt mechanism to capture customer Feedback, Rating, Comments, etc.
  • Marketing Automation: Maityo can help Brands to easily launch their online campaigns. It provides a Brand Page for potential clients to host & publish all their campaigns/ads. Whereas, each campaign/ ad has its own dedicated landing page that makes even a small promotion/ ad look much more powerful.
  • Marketing Optimization: Maityo can potentially save significant Marketing spend. For a Standard Campaign on Maityo, there is no fee. It’s Free!

How is Maityo being received in the marketspace? What are its goals for the future?

During the first two months of launch, Maityo tried to engage with end consumers and worked on building the community. As on August 26, Maityo was able to acquire few thousands of registered users. And all this happened and is being achieved without any Brand/ Company specific campaigns. And that’s where Maityo is eyeing to on-board the marketers starting September’18. Maityo is also committed to provide the best of the results curated and is aiming to revamp & redefine the online and digital media marketing paradigm for the greater goods where everyone emerges as a winner! Something that the world needs right now, isn’t it?

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