Customer Interaction is an important part of customer experience. There are multiple conversations happening between a customer and a company via telephones, social media accounts, emails, etc. But an organization must confirm that these conversations yield fruitful results, meaning these discussions should be effective in engaging people and develop their interests.


Usually, companies converse with their customers to learn about the market , the requirements and whether the existing product is meeting their wants. A business should aim at fulfilling customer expectations. Therefore, a market research should work in a direction that generates the complete data of the customer’s taste and preferences. But often, it has been observed that the marketers flop at managing real-time conversations, leading to a bad market research.

So, what can be done to fix this loophole?

The main objective of the marketers is to grab the mindset of the audience and track the feedback to take the right decision. Customer data analysis can be achieved if the communication taking place is well managed and there are no perplexed situations.

So, here’s what all marketers can do to ensure smooth interaction processes:

Ask to-the-point questions

Do you like answering too many questions?

Well, it’s annoying! Recall the day when your friends asked you multiple questions without asking the one which they actually wanted to enquire about. What did you tell them? Obviously you must have asked to buzz off! Similarly, customers get irritated when they are interrogated unnecessarily. They end up closing the conversation and don’t bother to reply back. Therefore, it is always important for you to ask “to-the-point questions”, without dragging it to a tiring level.

You must ensure that you ask the Right Question. This helps in eliminating misconceptions and saves time. Also, ask interesting yet simple questions so that the customers are interested and engaged at the same time. For example, enquire about their expectations and necessities. This helps you to extract a definitive answer for your product or your marketing strategy.

Let customers speak

Is it legit enough to keep talking and not let the other person speak?

Absolutely not! While having a conversation, you should always let your customers speak first. Do not shower talks and portray yourself to be superior. Let them speak their heart out- what are their thoughts, what they expect you to do for them and how effectively your product is working for them.

Letting a customer talk, makes him feel important and at the same time they provide you with credible feedbacks, which can be later utilised while structuring your product. Consumers are a source for suggestions, therefore it is essential for you to keep these doors open so that you can generate rich amount of insight from them.

Understand the customer sentiment

How do you feel, when you try to make a point and people fail to understand?

There’s an aww feeling! You tend to pity yourself, thinking that you tried so much but no one actually considered it. This is the same feeling when it comes to considering customers’ thoughts or suggestions.

The first time you speak to a customer, your prime focus must be on grabbing the customer sentiment right. This enhances the decision making process and helps you to design your product accordingly. This is important because you aren’t pitching a sale but you are trying to provide value along with your product. Your product should be designed in such a way that it benefits the buyers and this level of satisfaction can only be achieved when you have a clear picture of their mind.

Market research is a gamble to understand the nitty gritty of your customers. You need not be a PhD but yes, you definitely must know those smart techniques while talking to a customer.

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