Medstar - Your Monthly Online Medical Store

The major concern today with India’s relentlessly growing population is the unfortunate lifestyle diseases rigorously trying to keep up with the growth of the populace. If the direness of this situation wasn’t enough already, the complexity increases tenfold by the fact that these diseases are chronic in nature. The following statistics according to WHO Global Burden of Disease, 2010 makes evident the seriousness of the situation:

  • Cardiac – 50 million patients
  • Diabetes – 63 million patients
  • Cancer – 1.2 million new cases every year
  • Stroke – 0.9 million cases every year
  • Renal – 175,000 transplants required

Not only are these ailments tough to live with but they can never be fully cured. They can only be controlled.

Medicines are the primary and the only mechanism that can help control chronic diseases and that is why patients need to follow a strict regime when it comes to medication intake. Due to the severity of these conditions, the number of medications a patient requires is always in the plurals.

Replenishing the medicine supply on a daily basis is time consuming and so is constantly visiting the pharmacy. A patient’s condition could worsen at any time, and sometimes it might be too late. A stocked-up supply is a must and this is where an online pharmacy comes to the rescue.

Buying Medicines Online

Approaching the online medical world with a triple treat, offers the convenience of doorstep delivery of genuine medicines at discounted prices in and around Hyderabad. This online pharmacy was founded with the purpose of helping people who are in regular need of medications.

While almost 30% of drugs in the market today are unfortunately tampered with, Medstar -guarantees the supply of 100% genuine medicines only. An authentic batch number accompanies each and every receipt of the medicines delivered to its customers. A discount of 15% can be availed on most of the branded products and the discount can even go up to 30% for the specialty items, surgical as well as generic products. The shipping of all products is done free of cost.

Medstar’s online pharmacy boasts of a wide range of medicines from all popular brands of pharmacy, surgical, disposables, anti-cancer and general healthcare products by Indian and International companies under one roof. Their medical warehouse is manned by certified and qualified pharmacists who process every order placed with utmost care and compliance, leaving room for no errors.

Licensed from the State Drug Control Administration, Medstar also offers value added services such as free SMS reminders, blood pressure and sugar level checking to its customers.

Founder and CEO, Mr. Chandrakiran Mallarapu, began pursuing his entrepreneurial interests in the field of mail-order pharmacies which resulted in Medstar. This healthcare company, focusing on chronic disease management, raised its seed funding from Angaros Group, a Singapore based operating holding company and a leading provider of advisory, capital and consulting services to early stage companies worldwide.

Medstar has now set its sight on acquiring 10,000 paying customers by the fiscal year-end of 2015.

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