In India, health care startups have boomed over the last several years. This growth is driven by health reforms that are disrupting business models, a population like India which demands more and better care and the adoption of technology into the medical mainstream.

Two years back, Pranat Bhadani was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. Post to his surgery, he had to do monthly follow-ups and it was then that he realized the hassles that an individual faces to get information around those tests. It seemed impossible to answer questions like “Where can I undergo this test?”, “How much would it cost me?”, “Which diagnostic center is better?”.

This is when Pranat was motivated to launch Medyog; a venture launched as Beta in 2014 and finally gone public in January 2015 with the mission to bring transparency in Healthcare Industry, from making it a completely doctor driven industry to a doctor-patient driven one. After starting off Pranat was accompanied by three other fellow mates Shantanu, Parth and Nitin who handle the Product & Business Development, App & Website and Marketing departments respectively.

Team Medyog (Pranat Bhadani, Parth Dhoot, Shantanu Jain & Nitin Jain- from left)
Team Medyog (Pranat Bhadani, Parth Dhoot, Shantanu Jain & Nitin Jain- from left)

“The Indian diagnostic setup is currently driven mainly by doctor referrals and the user has very little choice (Exception- Preventive Healthcare) in the whole process. Through Medyog we aim to restructure the industry from doctor driven to a doctor-patient driven.

We are also focusing on Preventive Healthcare – creating awareness of preventable diseases and promoting a culture of regular health check-ups. We firmly believe that, what COD did for online shopping, Preventive Healthcare will do for online diagnostic segment,” says Pranat.

Medyog enables users to not just discover prices, compare offerings and make a smart choice based on real reviews and ratings of the centers, but also passes on huge discounts for the tests/packages.

Not just this, it also facilitates the users with online reports which they can share with the doctors and family members. It also allows multiple profiles under one account so that one person can manage the whole family healthcare needs at one place.

Another most interesting feature provided by Medyog is, a person have his/her Personal Online Repository: A secured interface storing all their medical records online which reduces the hassle of carrying medical files every time they visit a doctor.

Medyog’s focus on Preventive Healthcare is what further differentiates them from the competitors, and to help promote this further they recently launched the “Smart Preventive” feature:

In the pre-launch surveys, while promoting preventive health check’s, although they received a tremendous amount of positive response – people were confused as to which package they would go for.

They realized that to meet the ambitious target of making regular health check-up’s a norm in the society; they would have to build a tool that would customize health packages for every individual. Thus began the journey towards personalized health plans, where they ask that the user answer a set of multiple choice questions aimed at getting personal & family medical history and symptoms, and design customized health plans based on the responses.

Health care continues to be one of the most sensitive and productive industry with the innovations where the challenges are unique. Startups like Medyog are creating a most needed platform for patients and doctors using the technology and disruptive ideas. Our best wishes are with the Medyog team for their future endeavors.

Now manage everything on the go, download the Medyog Android App:

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