MeraPharmacy - Online Healthcare Marketplace

A lot of technology startups get criticized for not bothering to tackle a problem that will make anyone’s life better, especially in the $12 Billion Pharmacy sector in India which is supposed to touch $20 Billion by 2020.

No matter how close one lives to a pharmacy, no one is equipped to be prepared at all times, especially when health fails at inopportune moments.

MeraPharmacy is one of those intriguing young pharmacy startup which is attempting to cater an established but unorganized important industry by injecting a better technology, largest medicine database and prompted 24-28hrs delivery. It is a revolutionary venture helping enhance the online medical world by providing the patients a one stop shop for all their medical needs.  Merapharmacy is an online pharmacy marketplace that helps to connect offline retail pharmacy store to customers directly.

MeraPharamcy supplies 100% guaranteed genuine medicines from different retail pharmacy tieups in the country. The company follows strict guidelines as per law and sells medicine only on prescriptions. Moreover it doesn’t sell three categories of medicine like Sleeping Pills, NRx (Narcotics Medicine) and also Abortion Pills.

Accompanying the promise of authenticity the portal, the portal is being secured by SSL certificate to provide the customers a secure environment for transactions. Moreover Merapharmacy also provides coupons which can be availed with every purchase from the website.

It is crucial for the patients to have their regular and important medicines well-stocked before it runs out as many patients forget to take and reorder the medicines on a timely basis. To eliminate this hassle, MeraPharmacy stores all prescriptions and invoices of purchase made from website to provide free pill reminder service and free refill reminder service to serve its customers in a better way.

MeraPharmacy is equipped with a wide range of medicines from popular pharmacy brands and medicine vendors to provide any kind of medical needs to the patients .

Founded by Rajkumar in 2014 MeraPharmacy has a 10 member team where everyone is assigned roles as per their expertise. Rajkumar is an IBS Hyderabad alumni and worked for companies like Tech Mahindra & ICRA for more than 7 years in sales and marketing.

The MeraPharmacy website currently have more than 3000 registered users and serves more than 700 recurring actively paying customers with an average order value of INR 1200 per customer. The company also has 25% of repeated customers.

The venture has aggressive growth plans to solve the pain of customers by acting as one stop solution for all pharmacy needs. It’ll be sooner foster into homeopathy and Ayurveda medicine marketplace.

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