The startup ecosystem is growing in India at an exceptional rate, and time and time again, the number one challenge that most startup founders face is not about raising money, closing deals, doing sales or finding partners. It’s hiring people. What’s incredible is that this has been the case for many, many years.

With the emergence of Angel investors, Venture Capitalist, Incubators and Accelerators the processes by which we raise financing and seek mentoring have changed a lot in the recent years. But startup recruiting hasn’t changed at all. May be because startup CEOs and founders are typically very inexperienced at recruiting and hiring people, also interestingly we have never heard of any startup founder with an HR background.

To solve this problem, MyFirstCampus has done lot of groundwork and have come with innovative startup specific job portal that not only guarantees high performing candidates but also ensures startups close their open positions with in as low as 7 days.

Almost entire startups recruitment problem boils down to one or more of these

Lack of brand: Startups lack brand value so are not able to attract brighter talent.
Bad-Hires: There is a severe lack of quality methods to check candidate quality.
Time and Effort: It takes a considerable amount of time to close some positions.
Cost: Online big job portals prove to be very costly and provides less Return on Investment.

Relying on resumes yields results that are similar to a coin toss; that is 50-per-cent “mis-hire” rate. Now this much high rate can really sink your startup. This served as the motivation for MyFirstCampus to come up with a method that allows employers to shortlist candidates based on more scientific approach rather than resumes. This paved path for using Item Response Theory (IRT) based Adaptive Assessments to assess the candidates. Their idea was highly appreciated and SAP took them in their SAP Startup Focus Accelerator. Being part of the incubation program has helped them a lot, as they got access to some of the best tools, technologies and expertise to build the MyFirstCampus Adaptive Assessments.

MyFirstCampus will be conducting pan India based assessment tests using this technology and then profiling candidates on their skills and abilities based on the their score obtained in this test.

The startups can list their job openings on the MyFirstCampus Job Portal and the assessed candidates apply against those job posts. As the candidates are already assessed and profiled, Startups can directly move into interviewing and thus can they can effectively close their open positions with as low as a week. And as the candidates are assessed using adaptive assessments this will provide an equi- precision measure of their abilities. This will surely reduce the chance of bad-hire to virtually zero.

MyFirstCampus job portal is very easy and to engage with, the simple navigation clubbed with great user-interface provides a superior experience. Candidates assessment score, education details, social profiles, projects, contact details all aggregated data can be found at one place. The smart dashboard captures and display discriminating information to enable quick decision making for startups.

Talking about MyFirstCampus Vijay Sharma (Founder) says,

“When your Startup starts growing you’re no longer just an entrepreneur, you become an employer. And thus hiring high-performance employees should come at the top of the list in terms of excitement and importance. The people you bring in for your startup form the foundation that can make or break your business endeavor.”

Vijay Sharma further added that “With MyFirstCampus we are providing the Startups the kind of assessments that’s traditionally been only accessible to only some of the large enterprises. The adaptive assessments based profiling is on an average five times better than using traditional methods.”

Currently MyFirstCampus already have 7 startups on board and they are launching soon starting from Bangalore. As a pre-launch offer they are providing all the Startups a 2 month Free Trial.

So if have always been looking for the best job portal for your startup visit their website and Request the Free Trial at

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