MyLifeZy Portal

To create world’s first social app marketplace platform in hybrid cloud environment using reverse technology with a vision to mass produce innovative applications in multiple domains cheaper and affordable to one and all, to make India  a manufacturing  nation from an outsourcing nation Viraat Kothare and Chatur Kothare started MyLifeZy in September which has grown tremendously in past few months.

The story behind the startup is pure due to the fact that too much of data, processes and information is scattered, and unable to complete maximum work in less period of time due to various issues not streamlined and also the fact flexibility across various platforms and software’s is absent due to monopoly of few platforms because of which data remains inconsistent all the time, therefore Viraat and Chatur decided to create a universal platform, wherein all apps can be developed in a single universal platform, which also interact with 3rd party apps and platforms and help build specific apps to fulfill specific tasks at ease.

The portal has currently 5 Apps;

Estore App: Create your own virtual store

Profile App: Create your virtual profile page

Subscription: Purchase various premium offerings of our app and also working on users to create their own subscription packages

Testimonials: Companies can manage and promote their various testimonials through multimedia solutions.

Venue Booking: Showcase and manage bookings for your company venue

MyLifeZy depends primarily on subscription freemium based & commission based for revenue generation. The company is looking to expand their revenue model through advertising, referral, affiliate, reseller, 3rd party integrations, app development services etc.

The company has received 26 accolades, accreditations during their short span of the journey. Some of which includes;

  • Semi Finalists of Digital Catalyst fund Bucharest, Romania.
  • Selected in IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program
  • Selected for Soft layer Catalyst Program, Dallas Texas
  • Among top 10 in Destination India 2012 Event, Mumbai, India.
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