The sports industry in India has changed significantly in the past one decade. Football, Tennis, and Cricket stars not only have supporters glued to television screen, but also inspire youngsters to indulge actively in sports. Mumbai is one of the metropolises that have witnessed a huge surge in sports culture in India. Whichever way of whacking the ball you like – with foot, bat, or racquet – you are more likely now than ever before to find a facility where you can score runs, net goals, and win sets. The newly added dimension, online portals are influencing the sports industry in ways never used before.


MySportsAdda has been a front runner in the sports facility booking industry. Starting their journey in May 2015, they have been able to expand to various pockets of Mumbai including Thane, Nerul, Dombivli and Vasai. Soon they will be up and running in Bangalore and Pune. MySportsAdda enables sports enthusiasts to book a time slot at their desired facility for their favorite sport.

Sports Culture has been on a rise in the country and an increasing number of  football turfs in Mumbai and other metros confirm the trend. Besides promoting the various sports facilities, MySportsAdda also drives the bookings of such grounds in several parts of Mumbai. In fact, the advent of the portal has brought more structured approach in this section of the industry.

Vendors are looking for assurance of payment and users are looking for a suitable location to play; the website is the bridge that connects the two sides of the market. Individuals can now browse through a number of tennis courts, football turfs and cricket grounds in Mumbai and easily book the one that suits them, mainly because all the vital information can be accessed with just a click or a swipe.

Vendors are able to leverage the platform by offering customized deals and discounts which are then promoted to relevant audience by the company. This has also allowed vendors to reduce their operational and marketing expense as MySportsAdda has been able to provide assistance through technology and economies of scale.

Huge events such as IPL, IPTL, and ISL have provided an immense boost to the Indian sports industry. Presence of stellar players on the Indian stadiums and courts has pulled big sponsors and sparked passion in youngsters creating a favorable ecosystem for sports. Besides, the big leagues have also inspired a number of small tournaments in Mumbai.

Catering to the needs of such small scale events and tournaments, MySportsAdda has come up with a section on their website to help organizers, reach out to potential participants and enthusiasts. Tournaments and other sports events are listed which are filterable on the basis of location and sport. Individuals/Teams can register on the website and confirm their participation. It is not only technology that small organizers are able to reap benefits of. They are also assisted in marketing, advertisements, creative designing and logistics.

Various corporations and small business have also been able use this aggregation to their advantage. As employee engagement is increasing as a practice for most MNCs, sports events have been on a rise. However, organizing such events with multiple stakeholders’ involvement is a painful task. MySportsAdda has been able to help companies of all sizes with their events in collecting quotations from multiple facility owners, catering, music systems and microphones, kits, photography and other props.

Another vital part of the industry is coaching. Various sports are witnessing unprecedented levels of passion for the game. Consequently, coaching, which has always been a vital aspect of sports, is shaping into a lucrative profession. Nonetheless, the basics still remain the same – the ability to teach the skills and to market the offerings.

While traditional methods of promoting academies are still deployed, an online presence has opened up new avenues. Teenagers and their parents want to be as much informed about the coaching academies as much about the sport itself. Reviews and Ratings by others who have had an opportunity to avail a particular service, is always a look out for most users. The possibility of posting credentials of coaches and available facilities at the academy is on the horizon of being realized.

Because necessary details are laid on your screens, you will not have to enroll into an academy to find out about its quality or for that matter you won’t have to call at 10 different facilities to find out which one is suitable for you. A social network to connect sports enthusiasts, sale of tickets on aggregator’s sites and apps, and an online store dedicated to sports are all in the pipeline; however, sooner or later these features will find a way to the screens of your phones, tablets, and computers, thereby accelerating the growth of the Indian sports industry. For now, log into, select your favorite facility, choose your slot, make payment, and play your hearts out!

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