Namakh Women Clothing

When you think of the women fashion industry, all you see is glossy tailored clothing and high retail markups.

Setting trends may still be the focus of big-name designer brands catering to the luxury market. For the average consumer who cannot afford the high branded clothes and still want to have the feel of wearing the comfortable clothing line, the process of searching and shopping for clothes, especially online, has become quite easy and accessible. This has been made possible by some of the entrepreneurs who dream to disrupt the women’s clothing market.

Namakh, a Contemporary Fast Fashion Women’s Brand targeted at the Woman who is a “Compulsive Repeat Online Shopper” was founded by Anirban Chakraborty, a professional designer and Debasis Chakraborty, a NIFT Delhi and in November, 2014.

While Debasis is a serial entrepreneur who started his first venture in the Corporate Gifting niche and then co-founded (kids online store), Anirban has been instrumental in building Ethnic Brands for Lifestyle, Reliance Trends, Inmark Retail. His last assignment was with Collectibilia.

The clothing start-up boasts to have the best and affordable pricing model for the clients.

“Our prices are sharp, starting as low as Rs.299/ and have bulk of our products below Rs. 599 with a few above this price point. Our styles are simple yet fashionable regular wear,” says Anirban.

“We identify Consumer Trends early and launch our designs fast. We are working towards producing shallow but offering a huge width, so that our Customer sees freshness every time she logs in,” he added.

“Namakh conceptualizes designs and produces in-house. Apart from this, the start-up also gives a fair chance to struggling small entrepreneurs who want to launch their own brands through its “Collaborative Branding Platform” named as Namakh by ‘abc’, says Debasis.

Since the products are for women, they also want to give women the freedom to earn money by offering a new program. In this program, a ‘Stay-at-Home Woman’ is equipped with all the collateral to start her own business for Zero investment. They call them “The Womenpreneur.” The idea is to empower woman by giving her a source of earning while creating evangelists for Namakh. Namakh is piloting this and is setting up systems to scale it out.

The start-up has a small yet energetic 6 member team working out of Bangalore and Jaipur. The majority of the team are freshers straight out from college because the founders believe that freshers brings in an amazing amount of positive energy in the system.

The Women’s wear market is at Rs. 80,000 Cr today growing at a CAGR of 9% and the Fast Fashion Category is growing at a neck break rate of 25%+ CAGR. With the women clothing industry seeing its fair share of disruption at a paced rate, entrepreneurs like Debasis and Anirban are changing the way women shop online for clothes.

“There is only one thing that keeps us going. We dream to see atleast “One Namakh” in every Woman’s Wardrobe!!” said Debasis.

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