While talking about E-Commerce startups in the customization segment, Odisha was certainly not the state that came to mind, but Ankit Acharya, Ex Co-Founder of Collegiatestore broke that stereotype by launching Collegiatestore alongside Smruti Ranjan back in 2013. What followed was bootstrapping the business and ensuring profitability in less than a year.! The business expanded, clients grew to 50+ in less than a year, but Ankit decided to call it quits, and silently departed from Collegiatestore. Reasons, unknown.

In the last two years, Ankit seemed to have disappeared from the startup scene and was found to be mostly handling freelancing projects for various companies along with focusing on his academics.

But seems like silently he had been up to something, digging further we found out about “NAME PLACE ANIMAL THING”, an upcoming web series produced by Ankit Acharya & Ishan Banerjee and Co-Produced by Ex Roadie, IGT and India’s #1 freestyle footballer Archie Patil.

NPAT follows the adventures and drama of five friends who hold important positions in the real world but are chaotic and melodramatic in their private affairs. They are unhinged by their past stories, but United by the concept of the game that they play – NamePlaceAnimalThing. This is the turning point in each episode in their life, whereby they get out there and do crazy, fun things together, almost never with the anticipated results. Ever since the launch of the unofficial trailer, there has been tremendous appreciation towards the production that went behind the same.

NPAT is an in-house property of YdB Films (You Deserve Better Films) which was Co-Founded by Ankit and Ishan in July this year. While speaking to Ankit & Ishan, I found that – they aim to deliver a breakthrough in the relatively untapped medium of Web Series & Episodes, starring a talented cast, a strong storyline worth of not only eyeball-grabbing but also a social movement. They have managed to have the action, the drama, the camera angles, the equipment and a production crew that have passed the test of fire, having worked under pressure and responsibilities of major brands.

The Web Series is being primarily shot in Goa and is actively supported by Mr Suborno Bose – Chairman and Owner at Indismart Group Worldwide. Indismart has also come onboard the web series as a location and venue sponsor.

Our take? The web series looks promising and is certainly a game changer.! Watch the unofficial trailer and let us know what you feel.

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