Recent times have seen drones not just restricted to defense purposes, but going far beyond to show their utility for business applications. Companies, across the world, are building specialised drones to meet these varied requirements, such as agriculture, construction, industrial inspections, surveys, package delivery, insurance, mining, emergency response, among others. Commercial drones are expected to become a 21Billion USD industry in 5 years.

NavStik Labs, a Pune-based technology startup, is building the core technology to power commercial drones for all these and much more applications!

NavStik Labs has built an advanced flight computer system and its operating system, which essentially forms the brains of these drones. Their Flyt platform, comprising of FlytPOD (the flight computer) and FlytOS (operating system), has already found a business with customers, the commercial drone makers, in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Europe.


FlytPOD is one of the most advanced flight computers available today. It comes with a range of navigation sensors (accelerometers, gyros, pressure sensors, GPS), a powerful octa-core processor for demanding applications, built-in WiFi, ability to connect to the internet through 3G/4G dongle and extensive payload integration options. It is a drone maker’s dream come true!

FlytOS – Operating System for Drones is an open platform, that allows developers to build custom applications for drones. The powerful FlytAPIs enable fast and efficient development of complex algorithms, such as, advanced navigation, image processing, cloud-connectivity, swarms, collision avoidance and so on. The SDKs for Web, Android and iOS can be utilised for providing custom user-interface on web or a mobile device. The built-in 3D simulator allows developers to test their applications, before deployment on real hardware.

Flyt platform helps accelerate the development of commercial drone applications, and provides drone-makers with a number of advanced features and much tighter integration.

Led by their skipper Mr. Nitin Gupta, IIT Bombay and University of Maryland alumnus, NavStik Labs has a congregation of seasoned professionals, hand picked from the best institutions, with expertise in aerospace technology, control and navigation systems, artificial intelligence, computer vision, electronics and software development. They are supported by a renowned panel of consultants and advisors. NavStik Labs has received seed funding from Venture Center, the technology business incubator located at National Chemical Labs, Pune, India.

Team Navstik
Team Navstik

NavStik Labs has successfully participated and won several awards and recognition for their technical innovation and business potential. They won the TiECON Pune and PuneConnect startup competitions in 2015. They were recognised as “Startup of the Year – Technology, 2016” by Startup Leadership Program in March 2016. NavStik Labs was also selected among top 45 product startups at InTech50, and among top 11 startups to participate in the GenNext Accelerator Program.

NavStik Labs is one of the few global startups (the only one from India) who are building commercial drone technology platforms for customers worldwide. They are taking “Make in India” to a whole new level of “Invent in India”, and are leading the fast emerging global market of commercial drones from the front.

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