He’s the CEO of a company, invented a multi-touch surface table and has developed over 200 windows application which sums up over 1 million downloads. Nothing special right? I mean there are many people doing better than this, then why we are talking about this guy?

Nirman Dave - Coder, CEO, Professor; All At Only 17
Nirman Dave (Co-inventor, ANTable)

Ok, if I say he’s just 17, then? A little bit surprising? He even teaches at his own school. We are talking about Nirman Dave, A 17 year old who passed his International Baccalaureate Diploma Program form The Galaxy School, Rajkot and teaches at a nearby university.

The story behind all these achievements is quite interesting. At the age of eleven when Nirman was in class sixth, he had to face bullying but had no choice except facing it. At that time social networking was taking pace in India and he decided to hack the profiles of the bullies and teach them a lesson. He Googled for hacking techniques and tools but was not able to find a single one that really works. So he decided to learn programming and code those tools by himself. By the time he was in 7th grade, he developed his first windows application using Visual Basic. His first app was a tool which made his computer to do whatever exactly he wanted to. By the time he entered to 8th grade, he had already developed 170 applications which he published on his own blog SourceNet and other free software distribution websites.

From all his applications, Weberks, Hibious, Quazzit, D4x Hack protection, Demisco Joky are the few to be named which became quite famous and got many downloads from across the globe. NewsBottle is another windows phone app from him which displays summaries of long news articles from different news portals.

He even created his own programming language Snick using Python. Nirman says, “I completed the Python language within two weeks”. The language provides different data modules, syntax to the Python newbies to learn programming in an easy and effective manner.

ANTable, a multi-touch table which allows users to control their computers with all their fingers was invented by Nirman with his friend Anuj. The multi-touch table doesn’t use any sensing device rather uses the shadow concept, which make it first of its kind and easily affordable. Nirman says the table can be used at many places such as restaurants, colleges, schools etc.

Currently Nirman is working on a earphone device called DriveBud which allows you to listen music using the earbuds without having any music storage device such as phone or MP3 player. You just have to say the name and the device will play the song. The concept is developed by using Python language which the guy loves most.

At 17, Nirman is doing an outstanding job in open source and app development space. Still a long way to go and long journey to cover. We wish the genius guy a great success ahead and to keep contributing to the society.

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