In the language of business, e-Commerce can be compared to being one of the best things since sliced bread made its debut. The Indian market alone sees a massive increase in the number of e-commerce portal in past years. According to data the India e-commerce market is supposed to be $675 Billion by 2016 end and $850 billion by 2020

Instead of the large numbers and many success stories, e-Commerce is a muddy market with a lot of opportunity for failure. But Nitesh, a final year B.Tech student made sure that his company is not a 5 letter tech startup ending in ‘y’ destined to die in post-beta launch in an app store. E-Commerce is a booming industry if you are one of the big-box names like Flipkart or Snapdeal and it’s terrible for small companies looking to sell limited product lines without other selling channels.

So why was it a good idea to create another online shop? The answer is simple. Shoppingciti sells the highest quality products, offers as many variations as they can and also heavily interact with their customers, it believes in customer satisfaction more than making profit out of fooling them.

A time when everyone is running behind a 9 to 5 job, Nitesh, perusing his degree at NIT Nagaland says, “I’m driven to become and remain successful. Many entrepreneurs strive to build and sell their company. My goal is to grow and sustain my company. As my business grows so does my responsibilities. The more employees you have the more lives you’re responsible for. The ultimate motivation when growing a brand is to sustain the same level of attention to one client or one thousand.”

Nitesh Sigger
Nitesh Sigger

While many e-commerce websites do not serve in small towns and have a high delivery charges, Shoppingciti aims to bridge that gap. It wants to be a complete one stop marketplace, where the customers will get every possible quality product on at best prices and with fastest service. It provides services to every pin code of India.

Based out of Jaipur, Rajastan, Shoppingciti offers a wide range of products in different categories viz, like Men’s/Women’s Fashion, Home & Kitchen, Electronics and many more.

Shoppingciti is a perfect example of bootstrapped startup trying to grow on its own. With a proper marketing, support and logistics team in place the startup is trying to reach out to customers who are looking for a reliable source for fastest delivery and high quality product.

Talking about the future plans for the startup, Niyesh says, “So far, everything is going according to our plan and we hope that this continues forever. Till now, we have seen only ups in our journey and want to continue the same in the future.”

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