With mobile phones dominating the telecommunications sector, all of us are definitely plagued with one universal trouble- ever-tangling earphone cords. No matter how carefully you attend to one, you will always find it tangled whether you pull it out of your pocket or take it from your desk.

Rewind - Picton Atom
Rewind : Picton Atom

Indian startup Witworks has come up with a simple and ingenious way of making sure that your earphone cords remain de-tangled. Witworks, based in Bangalore is a company that strives to promote inventions through a collaborative effort. It designs and sells consumer products created by its online community. Anyone can join this community and submit ideas that involve solving everyday practical problems. The company works towards developing these ideas into commercially feasible products, manufacturing them and bringing them to the market for the general public to have access to.

Founded by Somnath Meher, Chandrashekhar Iyer and Ankit DP, Witworks is a platform where anyone can become an inventor and ensure that their seemingly bizarre ideas to provide solutions to everyday struggles aren’t in truth, that bizarre and are in fact amazing inventions.

The startup has launched their first such innovation- Rewind. A perfect solution to the constant mess of tangled earphone cords. After testing various prototypes over and over again, the startup came up with this product that not only provides an easy solution to this universal problem but also makes your earphone cords look really cool and funky. Rewind is just the right size to contain your earphone cords and also fit easily into your pocket. It does not cause any damage to your earphones or any other valuables that you might store in your pocket or bag.

To avoid the trouble of carrying an additional item just to ensure that your cord is not tangled and especially to make sure that you do not keep losing your ‘Rewind’ just like you lose your keys every now and then, this product is designed to remain on one’s earphone cords even while one is using them. They have angular slits to prevent the device from falling off the cords. ‘Rewind’ can be used not only for your earphone cords but also for many cords that get tangled every time you use them.

To overcome the trouble of being a device that might spoil one’s ‘look’, the device comes in various colours and hence looks like a pretty funky accessory.

The effect of this product on the market is yet to be determined but one that certainly says that it is an innovative approach to deal with a universal trouble and this startup surely has a bright future if it continues to strive towards providing impetus to such innovations.

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