Maintaining a good health means to have a proper guidance for daily diet, proper nutrition plan and proper nutrition supplements, and also many questions that needs to be answered; how far I have to run daily? What exercises I need to do? How many calories should I consume? But when counting every refried bean just won’t work, it can be hard to find answers.

O2Nutritions strives to set a new benchmark in the e-health & wellness niche by creating an interactive website where users could ask for advice from a Transformation Specialist based on their fitness level and goals.

The New Delhi based startup co-founded by Gaurav Arora, an International Marketing Master’s from England who married his Global eCommerce experience with a Passion for Fitness and sprinkled it with his desire to help the Indian community step-up on their fitness game. Explaining the business model, Arora, says, “There is a growing consciousness in the Indian consumers when it comes to Fitness but there is also a serious lack of knowledge about nutrition, diet and overall well being, which we intend to change and in turn streamline their efforts to visible results”

The young and growing company makes it more convenient and interactive for customers by drafting out a PDF file encompassing a 12 week Transformation Guide including a diet plan, workout regimen and also suggested supplements, if the customer has shown interest in them.

O2Nutritions showcases hundreds of top dietary supplements for both Men and Women ranging from Vitamins & Minerals, Well-being supplements, Whey Proteins and Weight Gainers.

With the mindset of helping clients achieve their fitness goals, the startup approaches its customers with strategies that allows clients to worry less about what to do and focus more on executing the plans laid out for them by industry experts.

Co-founder, Amandeep Singh who’s vision is to see Indian athletes compete on the biggest platforms of the world in the Health and Fitness category, understands it’s not going to happen overnight but strives to make an effort through this venture and hopes to slowly being about a fitness revolution in the Indian Sub-continent.

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