Outsourced CMO

With 20 years of practical marketing and communication experience at various multinational companies, Mr. Vineet Arya has worked in establishing new products and brands from scratch.

In the corporate world, he found that start-up companies were facing issues in getting experienced personnel in marketing of the company. That is where Mr. Vineet Arya decided to jump in with a start-up of his own and help these SME’s with his brand marketing knowledge for affordable prices. His company Outsourced CMO commenced business on 1st April 2014 with a team size of three people. The company is based in Bengaluru, but they can and do manage clients from all around India.

In this interview we talked with Vineet and found out more about his concept and vision behind this company.

Q: What motivated you to join the entrepreneurial culture?

While working in the corporate environment, I found out that there are many different SME start-ups who are not being able to make their own brand name. This is because they do not have the finances to pay for highly experienced marketing specialists. So they had to settle for lesser experienced professionals who are willing to work at lesser pay. That is when I got the idea to provide my experience and help to these companies at lower cost. That is what motivated me to become an entrepreneur.

Q: What is the story behind this idea?

Since I’m from Bengaluru, which is the start up capital of the world, there are lots of entrepreneurs with SME start-ups. I have many friends and acquaintances who faced faced the same problems that I mentioned earlier about SME’s. I used to advise them for the 1.5 years regarding this matter. My intention was only to help them because they are my friends. But I soon realized that there are many other companies in India which are either start up or medium-sized and are also facing the same problems about finding experienced marketing help for low prices.

That is when I decided to turn my intention to help others into a business idea. I started Outsourced CMO, which acts as an outsourced resource to manage marketing for a company just like a full-time marketing manager would do. It is beneficial to the SME’s because they can now get the marketing help from someone with 20 years of experience by paying them a salary that they would pay to someone with 5 years of experience. It is cost effective for them and also time efficient, since our experienced team can complete the marketing KRA in half the time.

Q: What is unique about your service?

As far as I know, there is other no other company who do what we do. There are some companies who claim to do the similar work like us but under the umbrella of a consultancy firm. Outsourced CMO is not a consultancy firm. We function as outsourced marketing managers and help SME’s by replacing their need to hire full time marketing manager.

Q: What difficulties do you face regarding Outsourced CMO?

Most of the time, people don’t understand what we do, or mistake us as a consultancy agency. Explaining to them that we are not consultancy firms but rather outsourced marketing managers is a major problem. However, more people are starting to understand the concept, and I’m confident that this concept will become established and proven with time.

Q: Who are your major clients?

As of now we have 4 clients: one is into online education space, one in solar energy space, one in mCommerce for rural areas & the last is in online grocery.

Q: Is Outsourced CMO bootstrapped or funded? What is the revenue model?

There is no external funding for this company and it is 100% bootstrapped. Currently the revenue model is based on the monthly salary that the clients pay us for managing their marketing portfolio. This salary includes the shared marketing manager who works for them along with my fees for creating a marketing strategy

Q: What is your vision?

Our vision is to use this new and disruptive concept of managing marketing for SME, start-up or any company, and provide them experienced marketing solutions for very low prices.

We wish best of luck to the whole team of Outsourced CMO for their future endeavours.

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