The online on-demand taxi aggregator services that lets you hire cabs with the press of a button on your mobile phones is growing at a rapid pace in India. The India radio taxi market is supposed to be $9 Billion by end of this year. We already have a handful of companies fighting it out in the open to win customers in cities they operate. Of them the major ones like Uber, Ola cabs, TaxiForSure (acquired and owned by Ola) and Meru offer a range of services in terms of cars and price.

That said, the most tedious work is to check the availability of these cab hailing services, as not all of them operate pan India and also their prices vary according to the type of car you chose to hire. Whether you’re in search for the cheapest car riding service or the availability of cars closest to your location, installing and opening multiple apps is definitely not the best thing to do. That’s where an app that can consolidate all these services can excel.

OyeTaxi is a must have app for the cab riders which can automatically pull your GPS location and list all the services available to you. The app does this by pulling information from the API exposed by the cab services. Not only does it show the available cabs, it also lists the prices and types of cars available near to you.

A user can sort the available cars by category or time the cabs will take to reach at their pickup location. In addition to this the app also shows the fare estimation for all cab aggregators, reducing the hassle to check base fares and cost per KM from every single app.

Once you chose with which can aggregator you want to go, just tap on the tab and the respective app will open. If the app is not installed on your phone, then it’ll take you to the install screen in the Apps Store and you’re good to go. OyeTaxi is currently available for only Android devices.

The App startup was launched in July this year by Karan, Vipul, Anuj and Nitesh with a mission is to help consumers make a smarter choice to save time and money. The founders are persuing MBAs and Engineering from, ISB Hyderabad, IIIT Allahbad and NIT Jaipur.

“When I was at ISB and was going for a party with my mates on a Friday night; I wanted to go for the quickest and cheapest option available. I got too frustrated fiddling and navigating from Uber to Ola to TFS to Meru etc. and ended up nowhere and with no options left I had to take a friend’s car,” says Karan.

So he came up with an idea to aggregate all of these taxi apps, called up his old friend Vipul to discuss and ideate upon the idea. Then they teamed up with the tech champs with vast experience in the internet domain, Anuj and Nitesh. The motivated team then, took everything to the next level and made it live in less than two weeks.

“At OyeTaxi we want to take the taxi business one step further by allowing users to browse and book all the taxi service providers from a single app. We want to make it a one stop solution for all the taxi needs,” say the Founders.

Let it be Uber, Ola, Meru or Taxi For Sure, OyeTaxi knows the best for you.

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