Paint Collar - Connecting Art With Lifestyle

Paintcollar is a one month old startup which aims to change the way people shop for apparel and merchandise online by connecting them with designers and artists. It connects art with lifestyle.

On, artists and designers can create merchandise with their art on it, set their own profit margins and sell it online. When a customer buys the product, the company manufactures it and delivers across India while the artist gets paid the profit margin he had set. The startup has started off with four products – poster prints, canvas prints, laptop skins and T-shirts and are working on adding new products like mobile cases very soon.

“Our objective is to solve all the problems with current e-commerce merchandise companies by creating an open marketplace for artists to share their creativity and earn while offering customers refreshing new designs on a variety of products. What’s great is that we are working on introducing a social experience in the marketplace.”, said Amogh Vaishampayan, CEO, Paintcollar.

“This means that users can follow each other, see a feed of their favourite artists’ work on their profiles and get notifications whenever someone buys or appreciates one of their designs. We’re also going to introduce analytics soon so that artists can keep a track of user data associated with their profile and improve their sales strategy.”, he added.

Paintcollar was officially launched on 12th September 2014 at Bangalore Comic Con. It sold merchandise designed by some of their early adopter artists and received an amazing response. They also gave a live demo of the website on the Comic Con main stage.

The founding team consists of five engineers who graduated in 2013. Three of us are from NIT Trichy while two are from VNIT Nagpur. The rest of the Paintcollar team consists of a creative head, a front end engineer and software engineering interns. The company is based in Mumbai.

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