It had been a long and stressful day. Three colleagues were sitting and discussing a big client’s email deliverability issue at the Friday buddy meets at their previous office. As developers they have spent sleepless nights doing everything they thought can fix this monstrous problem. After all, a startling 85% of emails go directly to Spam. If there’s one thing that developers today look for, it’s having a reliable platform that ensures legitimate emails don’t get trapped in the spam folder.

E-mails are one of those things like printers or remote controls, where I just can’t understand why there isn’t a better solution for it. They just work fine, but in a more complicated way than they need to be. The world is going through the phase where each and every business is dependent on e-mails, so why hasn’t someone come up with a better way of doing it yet?

There are a lot of e-mails that are crucial for businesses, let it be the welcome message sent after someone signs up on the website or a forgot password message. While this kind of emails needs to be delivered directly to the inbox of the recipient, there are a lot of complications that can occur along the way. A lot of such emails are sent out every day and the chances of them landing in the spam folder or undelivered due to server issues cannot be avoided.

No business can afford to have these issues. Especially, with transactional e-mails. Transactional e-mails are triggered automatically when a specific event occurs like the forgot password message or the recurring payment invoice you receive from a website. There are many companies out there that are serving the transaction e-mail niche but a handful of them are actually doing it right; Pepipost is one of them.

Remember the three colleagues discussing the e-mail deliverability issues? They were Dibya, Sachin and Chaitanya, the co-founders of Pepipost. That evening what started as a casual conversation over the monstrous issue quickly turned into big ideas. Armed with expertise in respective fields, the trio started a mission to deliver important e-mails to desired inboxes, not to the spam folder.  A bunch of developers got together to build this robust email delivery engine – one that’s a developer’s delight to work on.

The philosophy was to keep the email ecosystem clean by encouraging good sender practices.

When email came into existence it was free for all. Even businesses used to send out emails to their customers through their in-house email delivery systems, and hence it was free of cost for them as well. But then, people started misusing the email channel by shooting spammy marketing mails. Email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail on the other hand started blocking such emails to prevent privacy or security issues for their users. It was getting harder to deliver emails to the inbox and even the legitimate emails were getting blocked by ISPs. Brands had to build reputation and fight through the spam filters. Thus came the role of ESPs who developed expertise to avoid the spam filters and started charging clients to deliver their emails.

Pepipost is on a big mission to make emails free again. It wants to create the largest community of good senders and make the email ecosystem free of spam. As a first step towards this mission, Pepipost doesn’t charge for email conversations. All email opens are free. That means, going by the average industry open rates, customers get to save 40% of email costs.

Pepipost comes from the people who really know e-mail. Pepipost’s system is reliable. Everyone loves it because they focus on what matters: deliverability, pricing, and good analytics. Having served Fortune 500 companies, the team expertises in business, product, technology, growth and email deliverability. It has created a robust email infrastructure to help companies land their important emails straight to the recipient’s inbox, no spam.

Registered in Ireland, Pepipost has offices in Ireland, India & the US. In its team of highly motivated minds, Dibya has eight years of experience in successfully bringing high-growth, disruptive cloud and enterprise-based solutions to the email industry, Chaitanya, with his past anti-spam experience, helps customers to understand the much deeper insights of deliverability.

Sachin takes care of the most disruptive growth strategy and on the other side Monil is building the most scalable technologies for Pepipost. CEO Tanishq fuels the strategy and direction of Pepipost and Sita heads the customer engagement and brand’s storytelling.

The startup’s much loved mascot Pepi represents the 5 characteristics that the brand is built on – Friendly, Childlike (inquisitive), Agile, Knowledgeable and Trustworthy. Pepi has been an instant hit and won the love and recognition from across the world, with everyone taking pictures with him and posting on social media.

Peipost has been selected to exhibit at Web Summit and Surge Conference, two of the most notable startup events in the world and profiled in eConsultancy as one of ‘nine Startups that could revolutionize your eCommerce efforts.’

Most recently Pepipost received the highest satisfaction score of 96% among all transactional email providers and has been named ‘High Performer’ in the Transactional Email space in G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Report. G2 Crowd is one of the most trusted, non-biased review platforms for enterprise and software.

G2 Crowd Comparison Table
G2 Crowd Comparison Table

“We are truly humbled and want to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for laying their trust on us. It is a huge honor to be recognized in this competitive environment. Pepipost is barely a year old in the email industry and this recognition keeps us even more motivated and inspires us to take Pepipost to the next level” says co-founder Dibya Sahoo on this achievement.

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