PlantBazaar - Online Plat Nursery

There are many reasons why plants are essential for the human race. We humans are completely dependent upon the plants for our survival. To name a few apart from producing Oxygen, plants are a part of our food chain, used for making shelters, buildings, papers and what not.

With the busy schedule and issues like searching for plants and maintenance people are diverting themselves from gardening. On the other hand farmers are indulged in plantation and lack the knowledge of selling their products to bigger audience hence losing a large percentage of the revenue.

To bridge this gap between the busy urban society and the poor farmers, the duo Prakash Thakur and Rohit Anand started an online plant nursery PlantsBazaar. It is an online marketplace for buying and selling of plants. The website lists plants like medicinal, herbs, seasonal flowers where people can buy them by just some clicks.

Based on Delhi, both the co-founders are commerce graduates and have served at some of the world’s biggest companies.

Prakash is passionate towards gardening from his childhood.  Having more than 10 years of experience in customer service he Prakash Thakur( Co-Founder, PlantsBazaar)worked for companies like Amazon, and O2. He is the core member of the green initiative in his residential area and called Mr. Green by his neighbors.

Rohit has more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce domain and customer service. He had worked for the US telecom giant Sprint for more than 3 years and taking care of customer service and online sales for O2 – Europe’s largest telecom service provider for the last 10 years.

Ordering from PlantBazaar is as easy as buying shoes and clothes online. Just click on your desired plant, place the order and sit back! Once the order has been placed the process begins! The team picks the best plants from their various outlets making sure that you get the fresh and desired one. It also offers free home delivery of the plants and an efficient customer support service.

While we asked about the hurdled the duo had to cross for making the startup. Prakash quoted,

“The entire plants and flower nursery industry is unorganized. Most of the farmers and nursery owners are illiterate and do not understand online transaction process. It was tough to make people understand the online selling concept. With internet taking its pace in rural India, people now gradually understand about website and online deal.”

Started back in 2012, PlantsBazaar aims to become a nationwide leader in online nursery solutions to individuals, households and corporates and create a network of nurseries located in rural and local areas of India.

PlantsBazaar is only one of its kind started two years back and growing constantly. Though the online selling of plants is not popular in India but the market has a huge potential which can make the farmers to grow their dying business and avail the best quality plants for the urban people.


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