“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast.” – Miuccia Prada.

When it comes to brands, we often mean products or services that are provided by an organisation unique to every user. Every entrepreneur makes sure you love their products. But in recent times, we sometimes fail to realise the necessity of carrying the right confidence and wearing the right smile when you stand to represent either your organisation or even yourself, in the middle of an event. Now, many of you might be thinking that perhaps this article is about looking pretty and wearing everything branded – on the contrary, it is about the development of your inner and outer self through image consulting, soft skills training and verified methods in order to build brands in people. Portraiture by Pari, a Mumbai-based startup brings style to everyone by helping people fight their inhibitions and becoming more confident for opportunities to come equally to everyone.

How exactly does Portraiture work?

Parinita Adukia, the founder and chief consultant at Portraiture is also a Chartered Accountant, who works as a regular faculty with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Helping professionals, students, housewives and corporates to understand their true self, work on their confidence, communication, style, image building and reflect the same to the world.

Meet the Founder of Portraiture: Parinita Adukia
Meet the Founder of Portraiture: Parinita Adukia

Parinita believes in transformation, not on artificial terms, but in a deep, true psychological level understanding the needs and lifestyle of an individual. She works with the client, to help them understand themselves in various ways.

Image consulting Image consulting is where Portraiture understands the lifestyle of the client, do their shape and image analysis. And then according to their personality and style, they build a completely customized wardrobe exclusively for the client. The overall makeover, gives them an enhanced look that shines through.

Styling Styling people for weddings, trousseau, photo shoots and various events.

Training – Parinita provides self-grooming sessions at corporate, institutes, schools and colleges on communications, public speaking, image management, leadership development programs, etc.

Being a successful Chartered Accountant for years, it wasn’t easy for Parinita to shift through personal styling and self-grooming industry. At an age when people look for financial security, Parinita says it took her almost one entire year for training and then the required resourceful time for practicing.

Where does Portraiture aim to reach in the next five years?

Portraiture by Pari

Parinita is now concentrating on building the base, collaborations and educating people on the concept of Portraiture and the relevance of carrying the right attitude. She regularly holds workshops to let people experience what image consulting and styling truly means, and how it can add value to them.
She is also shortly launching online courses and wedding packages and is also in talks with various management institutes for training sessions. She is excited to start her own styled jewellery and clothing line soon. Looks like this girl’s on a roll!

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