If you’re anything like me, Flipkart is kind of your default shopping destination. In fact, because I’m a Flipkart prime subscriber and totally hooked on free shipping and cash on delivery, there are times when I don’t bother to price-compare Flipkart against other online stores.

Youtube Demo


Obviously that’s not smart buying decision, but who’s got time to do the legwork to see if Flipkart has the best price for a particular product?

You do. launched a price comparison tool(Just a browser bookmark) is an ingeniously simple tool that checks Flipkart prices against over 2,000 other online stores, reporting in seconds whether you should stay at Flipkart or shop elsewhere. And the best thing is it works with any browser and mobile device.

So next time, before you buy something from Flipkart, just click on PriceTree bookmark which will do everything for you (Mobile, tablet user can copy-paste Flipkart product url on the box). That few seconds extra effort could save you some cash. (Don’t believe? Watch the 2 minute YouTube video tour)

For example, as shown in the video, Caption cool: The M.S. Dhoni Story (English) book price was Rs 207 on Flipkart while Amazon was selling the same book at Rs 171, and you can just save Rs 36 in 2 seconds.

Currently, PriceTree doesn’t factor in shipping costs, and as far as we know it’s free shipping on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

In the meantime, take it for a spin. It’s a free service, of course, and it’s a fast, effective way to make sure your favorite store is giving you the best deal.

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