As a teacher, it is a challenge to find time to develop resources and create time for discussing topics with fellow teachers. The onus of effective delivery of lesson lies on the teacher and it is a teacher that makes the subject interesting and enjoyable for the students.  With this thought, Rakhee Chhabria, a teacher, trainer and curriculum developer thought of devising a platform where teachers could learn, collaborate, and grow together. That is when she created Teachers Help Teachers (THT) forum on Facebook with close to 5000 teacher members in it.

Rakhee Chhabria
Rakhee Chhabria

Since teachers are always hard pressed of time, it becomes difficult for them to keep track of the latest practices in education, discover new practices, and develop creative content, networking being the last preferred activity. THT provides a platform to the teachers to not only network with other teachers beyond boundaries but also share ideas and resources, post queries, read about latest trends and developments in education and also find interesting job opportunities. Far from being just another populated forum, each member profile is meticulously verified and accepted into the community, thus taking care of the value that each one adds to the community!

The THT group intends to open up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities for the teaching community. The most important aspect is how it will revolutionize the way teachers can monetize their resources. The community aims at uploading teacher made resources in various subject areas right from kindergarten to specialized degree courses. These resources will be examines by subject experts, after which each resources will be individually graded. The grading will help in deciding the price of the resource. Thereafter, individuals or teachers from another city/ country looking for documents on specific topics/ subjects can purchase the same, creating a dually beneficial situation.

The Facebook community has been especially successful in bringing together like-minded individuals. Having been featured in leading newspapers like Indian Express and Livemint, THT was also accepted as the ‘Most Involved Group in the Field of Education in India at the Facebook Event held in the month of September 2016 . It is already creating waves in Mumbai , having created employment opportunities for more than 70 Indian teachers.

THT successfully held its first Annual Conference Meet on 3rd of December 2016 which was supported by SHEROES as an outreach partner. The Annual Meet was free for all teacher members of THT and focused on “Striving towards excellence in Educaiton” the details of which have been put up on the facebook group.

In terms of its long-term goals, THT aims to create a nationalized body of teachers where each teacher belongs and through which the teachers will be able to upgrade their teaching skills and knowledge. The company aims to introduce a plethora of resources for subject teachers and students alike. A first of its kind, Teachers Help Teachers wants to expand and become the one-stop destination for all individuals working in the field of Indian education.

If you are a teacher do join our Facebook group

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