This millennium undoubtedly belongs to the startup industries and startups are driven by ideas. Lots and lots of newcomers are jumping into the market and not only stepping in, but also achieving a brand and goodwill in a very short span of time, hence making it at par with the big names. The reason behind this is the divergent thinking and uncomplaining attitude that goes tandem with it. Now, when you have a company to run which thrives on skill then there is immediate requirement of skilled employees. So then, how do you look for them and indeed where? This particular necessity added a whole new chapter in the history of startups and there was a paradigm shift which paved the way for the recruiting industry. Now organizations generally rely on the recruiting industries for skilled person which has helped discharge a great burden off them, RecruiterLane being one of them.

It took off its launch-pad on 1st November 2014. This startup is based in Andheri (w), Mumbai, with a team of young, energetic and vibrant people aiming to make the tedious task of recruitment hassle free and cost effective. With ample years of experience in the recruitment industry they now confidently describe themselves as a ‘One-Stop Low-Cost Recruitment Service’. Based on a detailed client brief, the team specializes in recruiting bright and talented recruits in various industries.

The startup specializes in recruiting promising talents for start-ups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) based on detailed briefing specifications, enabling their clients to concentrate on their core functions by taking away the necessary pain of screening and recruitment. All services are designed to provide maximum client care in all steps of recruiting the best employees to suit your business needs. Not only do they ensure that selected candidate suits the employment position in question with regard to the required professional qualifications, but also assure that their personal aims regarding professional development are parallel to the company ethics so as to ensure long-term commitment after employment commences.

Recruiterlane serves IT, E-commerce, Finance, Health, Travel, NGO, Education, Digital and Media sectors with Ketto, Ziffy, India Circus, Accor group of hotels, Stayvista, Vakilsearch, Mobiswipe as some of their clients. Their clients list exceeded the supreme score of 200 and they have been successful in achieving this in a very limited frame of time.

The Co-founders of the company include-

Hemin Sheth- A startup enthusiast and a management student with 4 years of experience in business is a man with unambiguous goals and pure clarity in thought. Helping startups to scale up with the right talent has always been his dream.

Wasim Khan- Wasim is very passionate and committed to his decisions related to the startup.  A management student graduated from Mumbai University and having worked with a recruitment firm earlier in his career. A self-motivated individual and have always enjoyed setting high goals for himself and achieving them persistently.

Recruiterlane Founders
Wasim Khan (left), Disha Modi (middle), Hemin Sheth (right)

Disha Modi- Started her career as a Recruitment specialist 4 years back, gained hands-on experience in recruiting talent, catered to various sectors now handles the role of Delivery Head at RecruiterLane and has a major share in uplifting the organization.

Every good organization knows that the most important assets are its staff. While good staffs can create wonders whereas an unskilled one can even bring a company to a tragic end. This is why literally every firm is spending tons of money in hiring talent. Every pragmatic organization is looking forward to recruiting agencies in order to shake well and get the cream out on their behalf. Recruiting industry is in demand since it makes borrowing talent hassle free and according to the strict guidelines and taut specifications by a particular company. As technology continues to evolve, it will play an increasingly important role in the way companies approach the talent search and hiring process and hence there’s a long way to go.

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