RecruVia is a closed-door legal recruitment marketplace built exclusively for lawyers, by lawyers. It’s neither an online job portal where lawyers and legal professionals easily get lost in an overload of irrelevant information, nor a traditional recruitment agency. It does not meddle with the daily hustle-bustle of employers or candidates, alike, and never shares profiles speculatively, nor influences the information flow from either side.


In reality, the platform uses a sophisticated algorithm which acts as an impartial facilitator to filter out candidate credentials and job requirements posted by employers. Eligible candidates who fit the basic criteria are able to view and apply to relevant jobs.

The platform is tailormade for both the job seeker and employer:

  • A candidate can set up their profile in 15 minutes, highlighting practice areas, professional accomplishments, technical skills and specific preferences, and have the ability to make edits and updates along the way.
  • An employer can create precise job descriptions in a matter of minutes using a similar intuitive interface. An employer can also provide as much information about the organization, the specific team, recent accolades won and other USPs too.

Candidates are able to discreetly and confidentially browse through job descriptions directly posted by the actual employer. An employer will not know that a candidate is on RecruVia unless the candidate specifically applies for a role. Transparency is key in ensuring that a candidate receives real time updates on all developments in respect of the application.

Why is Legal Recruitment a Chaos Marred by Inefficiency?

  • Overload of Choices: With the massive inflow of CVs received by employers, not able to wade through the complex task at hand, the process can get overwhelming and unsystematic, leading to no real results.
  • Confusion: Candidates are confused by the multiplicity in the modes of job applications like going to a traditional recruitment agency or an online portal such as,, Monster jobs, etc. Further, lack of communication, unauthorized disclosure of resumes, and lack of transparency could potentially cause added perplexity and distrust in the minds of a job seeker.
  • Inefficiency in Processes: Inaccurate job descriptions may create hope for one candidate and dismay for another, and unfortunately each of the scenarios may even lead to no viable conclusion on the job application process for either candidate.

RecruVia’s Innovation in Legal Recruitment:

With no industry standard to go with, candidates are often baffled by the accepted method of going about putting relevant information in their resume.

RecruVia’s goals are not limited to just identifying the right candidate but also making things easier for the employer who has been flooded with resumes. It is also aiming at improving the candidate experience through disparity and discretion along the application journey. Providing transparency, it hopes to ensure that candidates have a positive and engaging experience throughout the process

The 4R Model of RecruVia:

  • Results Driven

RecruVia is trying to deliver real results in real time for both employer and job seeker. It identifies and reaches out to the right talent pool and efficiently communicates the requirements and expectations of employers and job seekers, alike. RecruVia is not a mere automation of recruitment and hiring, but has developed beyond the traditional job hunting of yesterday into application tracking by both employer and candidate.

  • Realisable Aspirations

The employer sets out their job specifications, and RecruVia’s innovative platform helps narrow the pool of candidates for them, based on those requirements. The job seeker, likewise, has an opportunity to browse job openings in their domain areas and interests, directly and discreetly on RecruVia’s online platform after they have registered and created their profile.

  • Real Talent

Candidates define and determine the talent pool. Most headhunters and recruiters work by collecting bunch of resumes of potential recruits and axe out those who don’t meet certain qualifications, or don’t use traditional catchphrases in their resumes or cover letters. RecruVia’s online platform uses algorithms which tirelessly work to keep fitting and re-fitting the job seeker with the job post most suited to their skill-set and requirement taking the application directly to the company HR or leadership, getting the actual stakeholders, i.e., the employer and candidate, in touch directly.

  • Reliable Outcome

Generally, job seekers are constantly harrowed by cold calls that divulge no concrete information about the advertised post and unfortunately these calls are normally just a database building activity. RecruVia cuts out traditional unreliability by providing a transparent and intuitive dashboard to both stakeholders that is accessible from most browsers and devices. It shows notifications in real time, shows actions on profiles, and enables two-way communication between employer and job seeker, working with utmost discretion.

In conclusion, technological and social changes are fundamentally altering the way recruitment is conducted. Recruiters are willing to adapt & create newer routines for themselves to thrive in this growing environment so as to attract and hire the best people.

Interestingly, RecruVia’s inception is at par with its contemporaries abroad and has managed to start out almost at the same time as the foreign solutions sprung up. In the legal-tech startup space, RecruVia is attempting to disrupt the marketplace using predictive analytics, algorithms and aiming at unbiased intervention in recruitment, by providing fair and optimal choices to both, the job seeker as well as the employer.

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