In the times of super interactive Machine Intelligence where every employer need more than just monitoring the attendance of its employees; Biometrics being the most opted choice feels something from the Stone Age because of its inefficiency in achieving that extra mile as well as its lack of basic cognitive functions to string everything together.

Today, we have a revelation which tracks every individual in an institution, be it educational or industrial, to make them perform better while maintaining complete transparency of their work –

What is is a cross-platform, attendance monitoring app designed to help tune and manage attendance as well as tracking outdoor sales force. Managers can effortlessly skim through the attendance, development, and overall performance of their employees with a wide number of options: attendance tracking, weekly précis reviews, punctuality ratings, and timesheet reviews. And the best part, you ask? Well, this app also reduces the workload of the HR Department as it offers inbuilt leave and holiday approval, amongst many other features.

How does Works?


Well, this Bootstrapped attendance app may be secured using GPS and WIFI SSID, which makes sure that employees or members are in the premises at the same time as checking in. PhotoID captures a selfie, simultaneously at the very time of check-ins. comes in with a handy field-tracking program which tracks and reports the travel of a outdoor member for example a sales person, with the help of GPS, explicitly on a map. And that’s not all; this app basically upgrades every other attendance tracking system and gets away with no additional hardware requirement! Members can clock in attendance across all platforms – Android, iOS, Web and also provides its users with the option to run it as a retail kiosk device or outlets. Things get interesting because of the real-time dashboard in the app that lets in managers to see a live view, get advanced reports, make payrolls and time tracking seamlessly easy and hassle free.

How did come about?

It all started when Avijit Sarkar, a 25 years old Computer Science engineer by degree and entrepreneur at heart, started a BPO and IT service firm named Avifa Infotech in his first year of college at his parent’s kitchen. With a growing team of 3 to 15, Avijit faced the challenge of keeping attendance, maintaining records and designed an app based on selfies to track the same. After 2 years, the app gained maturity and with more feature additions and hence was born as a fully featured mobile attendance and HR platform.

Avijit Sarkar
Avijit Sarkar

Now with a team size of 5, Avijit launched his product on 21st August 2017 and instantly became a huge hit with more than 50 paying customers out of which one is named as the largest ecommerce giants in the current Indian market.

The Revenue Model of this Attendance Tracker is based upon subscription service, depending upon the size of its on-board employees.

Amongst the many challenges that Avijit faced while making (a bootstrapped venture with only 5 team members) land on its feet were on-boarding new clients, managing high server costs, round-the clock customer support while finding low cost solutions to high cost problems. This young entrepreneur started this app with a mission to transform it into a full-fledged mobile-first HR platform and looks like there’s no stopping him. Avijit is now accompanied by his cousin, Abhijoy Sarkar, a banker-turned entrepreneur, who according to Avijit has been pivotal in managing the operations since he joined in. Both brothers are now focussed on taking by 10 times in terms of clientele by the end of 2018 with recurring monthly sales of USD 20k.


Find out live in action here and tell us your experience.

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