The fittest survive not just in Darwin’s theory but also in the business ecosystem. The bigger fish outlast the smaller ones even if the former is not hunting the latter. One question naturally arises, why can’t smaller fish be fit enough to survive?

The problem is entrenched deep inside the victim itself. Businesses that last invest in their fitness, while the smaller ones don’t consider fitness to be of any importance. But, are small businesses really at fault?

The problems

One of the most underrated yet heavily damaging problems that a small business faces is that of poor accounting and billing. With the introduction of GST, the situation has worsened. New tax systems seemingly ease tax complications in theory, but practically, not many businesses have been comfortable with it. It certainly will take time to be completely adopted.

At the same time, small businesses constantly face the wrath of survival while bigger businesses are moving forward, aiming at growth. When a positive account sheet is all that is targeted, smaller businesses try to cut costs by compromising on various essentials of business. A good accounting & billing software is one of them.

With that, there’s also the problem of complicated GST software that needs manual intervention to get numbers straight. Owing to that, a lot of businesses opt to execute GST calculation, billing & accounting all by themselves. This opens the floodgates to massive errors, a vicious circle indeed.

The solution- Profit NX

Profit Lite is a solution that is designed for small businesses. With a functioning cost of Rs.8 a day, the software solves 3 problems through the following features-

Automatic GST calculation

In most software related to accounting and billing, the SGST, CGST & IGST product-wise percentages have to be fed in manually and then calculated. In Profit Lite, the percentages are obtained automatically so the calculation is fully computed; with no scope for human error.

Magic Merge

Running to the CA’s office to file returns? Not anymore! The Magic Merge feature helps you prepare an invoice at your place and then send it to the CA who can then file returns and execute required accounting tasks at his own volition.

Small businesses do not like the complication of understanding a new software or system and thus choose traditional and flawed methods to get accounting and billing done. But Profit Lite’s Magic Search option helps businessmen to easily search what they are looking for with a single touch of a button. This powerful feature guides a person to the right tools to be used, making it a cakewalk even for laymen!

Profit Lite is certainly revolutionizing the way small businesses approach accounting and billing. With splendid features and a software prize that costs almost as much as a cup of tea every day, a revolution can be certainly foreseen!

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