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Doing the right thing at the right time matters a lot. In the male dominated society like ours, you must have heard this phrase – “Better Late than Never”. Many people do live on this phrase; at least this saves a lot of people from spending their whole life in regret of not following their dreams. But that’s a different issue altogether. It makes a nice topic of philosophical discussion over a cup of coffee.

Getting to the topic, we- the women don’t live on phrases. We live on doubts and uncertainties. Doubts about future, marriage, which dress to wear and the list will go on. Coming to uncertainties, that is what binds us down to our life, the existing life which is often boring and doesn’t recognize our inner talents. Let’s do a reality check. What do you think are the things that always preoccupy a woman’s mind?

Family. Kids. Shopping.

Majority of the women are caught up with only these three things. These mean the world to them and they never dare to even think about entrepreneurship. Or, I should say, not allowed to dare!

Many a times women take up entrepreneurship as a side profession or they indulge themselves in traditional home-based businesses which don’t demand stepping out of their homes. They limit themselves as they are bound to their children, husband, home tasks and most importantly, society. If a woman happens to tell her family that she wants to set up her business after marriage, she is often considered ‘self-centered’. She is forced to shut her mouth up and told, ‘There is already an earning member in the family and we are giving you everything you need. No need to step out of home. Just look after the children.’

What Indian society does not understand is the dream she beholds, dream not just to become independent but also to bring change, in general. If a woman thinks that she will start up after completing college or after doing a job, she is late. If she is married and thinks that she will start up after her kids grow up, she is late. There is no right time. The right time depends on passion and knows no other boundaries.

Even if a woman starts her venture, she is often not trusted upon. She doesn’t get funds because the investors fear that the company will fail. Why? She may have different priorities. She may surrender herself for the needs of the family or for personal fulfillment. I believe if that happened to be the case ever, she would not have been standing in front of the investors. An ambitious woman is not as emotional as she is thought and I mean it in the right sense!

So when is the right time for women to start up?

Well, there is no right time but NOW. More importantly, the right time comes when you find your passion in the right sense.

As the MobiKwik founder Upasana Taku quotes it, “The confidence and passion that – ‘this is how this problem must be solved’ and ‘this is why I am the best person in the world to solve this’; must come from within. Without that internal conviction it’s very hard to startup and sustain. Everything else – family support, finding a team, building the MVP, raising money is secondary. If you don’t have the belief that you can do it, then there is no way you will be able to do it!”

Surely you will face problems and I don’t deny the fact but success is sweeter only when there is real struggle. If you get things easily in life, you will never have the urge to stand for yourself. You will never have the thought to fight and prove yourself. Remember, you represent the community and not just yourself. Now is the time to take the plunge and fulfill your dreams on your OWN means.

Here are few tips for women to follow so that she can identify the right time and can start up:

Find your Passion

Your passion is often influenced by your surroundings, your education, how you are brought up etc. It is your passion and the belief in what you are doing which will translate to your customers. If your zeal is high enough, petty denials are never going to de-motivate you.

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Draw a line between your home and work life

Now that you have started to set your feet in the field of entrepreneurship, it is very crucial to have a distinct demarcation between work and family. You need to set time for both to give the attention it deserves. Your customers and clients will also conform to your routine if it is properly balanced and managed efficiently. Make it a priority to concentrate only on one thing at a time and things will work magically!

Form genuine connections

In business, it doesn’t matter whom you know. All that matters is who knows you. Owing to this fact, it is essential to form connections. Attend events related to entrepreneurship; tell people what your company does; ask them about theirs. Collaborate when needed and things will start falling in line.

Have the right people around you

There is no dearth of people who will demotivate you every moment. And being a woman, who else can understand this better! Don’t let these people to be a part of your circle. Stay away from negativity and be less informed to stay confident. You should only know what is required.

To all the ladies out there, if it is your family and domestic responsibilities not allowing you to materialize your dream, learn the art to balance. Easier said than done. But sometimes, that’s the only way.

If you want to “leave a dent in the universe”, as Steve Jobs quotes it, you need to set your priorities because it is a “go and grab it” world of entrepreneurs. If you hold the capability to embrace the rewards, you must also be ready to welcome the challenges.

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