What if you knew the elements of your mobile app that your users love the most? Imagine how useful it could be, to figure out the feature, which is a hit amongst your users and the feature that is never used. What if you knew the right audience to be approached at the right time and the right location? You could actually generate many more conversions through in-app communication.

Mobile app analytics discovers and communicates meaningful data patterns to turn these scenarios into reality for you. As an app owner, you can measure your app’s performance and change your strategy to make the app more efficient. Besides, you can also predict behavior patterns and trends. This can help you design the future app roadmap and come up with innovative features.

Nikhil M rocQ
Nikhil M (rocQ)

Out of 3.1 million apps in the various app stores, an average smart phone user uses 20-30 apps. This figure gets you, as an app owners, to try your best to get into the handset of your consumer by creating any means; be it through fraudulent installs or luring them into installing your app in exchange of a reward. Although, it increases your user base, you know least about the quality of those users. We noticed that many app owners were being conned into incentivized installs. They needed a platform where they can monitor the entire app ecosystem and track usage, behavioral and overall system performance.

This is when we took the initiative of creating rocQ.  A single platform to solve all your app analytics and user engagement related troubles. We take care of your complete app-marketing lifecycle. It begins with tracking all your campaigns and traffic sources and finding out what gets you the most loyal and profitable users. Once they get you users, we analyze those users’ behaviors and identify trends, so you can communicate relevant messages to specific user segments. Furthermore, our real time monitoring of user data helps identify major technical issues including bugs, crashes and drop-offs. We’re able to make all this happen in a code snippet of merely 80 KB. And, all it takes is less than 30 minutes to integrate our code with any mobile application.rocQ Analytics

We love what we do, and who we do it with. Our team is a Gurgaon-based organization dedicated to serving various app verticals. The Chief Technology Officer, Adarsh Jain is an IIT graduate with more than 10 years of experience, holding multiple patents in the technology domain. He helps us grow and spends a lot of time expanding rocQ. Asim Sah, our creative head is an old hand with creative and a digital strategist with over a decade of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams. We say he’s totally committed to producing the best. Shashank Agarwal, Technical Lead, is a big data specialist. He is a mobile solution expert across all platforms and has helped multiple startups to make it big in their field. We can all call him a geek and not feel bad about it.

Thanks to our hardworking team, we’ve been privileged to partner with 8 businesses, since May 2015. While, we are live with 4 of them and 4 are in trial phase. Our clients include giants like PVR, HomeShop18, Housejoy and Shine. With our current user base of over 4 million, we’ve analysed 55 million sessions and 350 million in-app events. In terms of engagement, we’ve sent 25 million personalized push notifications till date.

Analytics has become a key success factor, whether you have an app running, or if it is about to get launched. Improve your app’s performance and efficiency by employing these measurement methods, as they not only provide you advanced knowledge, but also endless possibilities. rocQ makes you familiar with the specific metrics, which serve your business objectives well. Prioritize your business needs and contact us for more details about mobile app analytics.

Got queries or have demo requests? Contact Nikhil M at contact[at]rocq.io

Nikhil M (contact@rocq.io) – Product Marketing for demo requests or queries

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